Who are you guys?

1 year old american staffordshire terrier

Well, here's a handsome red boy named "Chewy".

His angels write --

" Chewy is an approximately 2 year-old, red/white AmStaff that found himself in trouble in central Arkansas after his ‘person’ moved to a town that has a breed ban on Pit Bulls and related breeds. We are not sure whether his person was unaware of the breed ban -- or whether he moved there, thought he’d take a chance of not getting caught, and then got ratted out. Either way, the outcome was that poor Chewy landed in the local animal shelter. Although Chewy’s registration papers did not accompany him to the shelter, he is apparently a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier ."

" Not only that, but Chewy’s owner supposedly paid well over $1000 for this boy! Can you imagine paying that much money for a dog and then being in the position of having to give him up. The good news is that the shelter where Chewy landed does try to place Pits/Bullies, even though these dogs are not allowed in their city limits. The shelter requires additional screening and home visits on prospective homes, but options for these breeds are simply limited. The dogs can’t live in that town, and it’s difficult to even find suitable adopters in that general area. Many of the cities in central Arkansas have some type of breed restrictions or bans. It’s a no-win situation for dogs like Chewy. "

" Chewy’s story took a positive turn when a great volunteer at his animal shelter contacted another “rescue person” in Arkansas. She was looking for any potential options for Chewy, because he was such a devastatingly handsome and sweet dog. The other rescue person began sending out pleas to get help for Chewy. One note lead to another, and some great Pit advocates in NW Arkansas stepped forward to help Chewy find his forever home. Chewy was completely vetted and neutered, and then he was sent on his way to his foster home in NW Arkansas. His foster family owns one Pit Bull and has fostered others, most of which have made their way to SPBR. "

" We are all hoping that Chewy will be as lucky as all the other dogs that have passed through his foster home – and those that have found great, loving, *permanent* homes through SPBR.

Here’s what we know about Chewy: 1) He’s stunningly handsome. 2) He’s really, really good-looking. 3) He’s such a looker that, if he were a human, he would likely be conceited and have a massive ego. Besides all that, Chewy’s simply muy guapo! No, seriously, check out his amber eyes and chestnut coat. Are you getting the picture? J Chewy is currently learning not to be such a knucklehead and is practicing his “how to walk properly on a leash” skills. "

" He gets along with other dogs, but he’s been a little too amorous for all-out play sessions with the other dogs in his foster home. Did we mention that he is learning not to be such a knucklehead? J Chewy is super sweet and is completely in love with his foster “dad”, who also happens to know quite a bit about training. He is working with Chewy on the basics, and Chewy is responding well. He’s just a typical “teenage goofball” who needs direction and structure. Thus far, Chewy has gotten by on his looks…so he’ll have to find something else to get him through his golden years.

Chewy is looking for a person who will treasure him for his inner beauty as well as his obvious external attractiveness. Are you that person. "