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1 year old yorkshire terrier for sale

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I have been looking to bring a new yorkie family member into my home for about 6 months and have been doing research on the breed, and also to ensure I am ready for this new exciting friend.

That having been said, I am originally from Toronto and will be visiting in about a week. If you are interested I would love to meet you and your yorkie to see if it would be a good fit. If so I would love to talk about adopting him!

Please let me know

Hi Adot41. I haven't heard from you yet. I hope you are still interested in Elbow. If so, please email me as soon as possible so we can talk about the details!

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Thank you for everyone's support. YOu don't know what it's meant to me. I am so stressed about this and want to get Elbow the best home possible as SOON as possible! It's sooo hard to find a dog a new home!

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i really hope you find a good home real soon for your baby.

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I hope you two can connect. good luck

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I sent you a message yesterday with some questions to your e-mail address. I am definitely still interested, things just got a little hectice yesterday so I couldn't spend any time on e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you!