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Talora of Monika Bannas from the high north, Tanisha from Berlin and Xenia from Czechoslovakia expect puppies from O'Melly. We are as full of expectaion as the breeder.

Ashley von der Bostonvilla and Mozart vom Gräwig are both Patella 0, now they will go the breeding licensing.

Now we know it, Dilly expects puppies. At the beginning of May we are going to know more.

Unicatin Giacomo, now 1 year old, from the Finnish connection with Ripsa and O'Melly lives in Russia. There he reached on 2 shows in each case the best Junior and BOB, on the 2nd show he came even on the 3rd place of the Group 9. Congratulations. Also an email reached me that Amper Vivax Canis, 10 month old, from the Polish connection with Alaska, his 1st show has finished successfully.

Only one day later, in the 2/28/2012 6 puppies typical with nice colours and white drawings in the Kennel vom Vagabunden from O'Mellys Breeder Silvia Hesse were born. Tinka is a very good mother. Xibibi will live with the Vagabunden.

In the 2/27/2012 O'Melly has a loveaffair with Delilah of the Sunset Rock, called Dilly from the Kennel Cuddly Flatnose. Now the exciting waiting begins again for the breeder Susanne Rischmüller.

On the 25./26.02.2012 achieved O'Mellys nice son Mozart of the Gräwig in Gera on both days the 2nd place (Sg2 / V2).Er and his owner Ramona are a good team.

Cute Innocence of the Unique Temptation (Cindy) has born 3 puppies (1/2) in Berlin (www.hundegitti.de).

Bechmann Choggi from Copenhagen has born in the 1/24/2012 six puppies. We are glad with Hanne Lunding, look under www.lundings-boston.

O'Melly covered in the 12/31/2011 YakiTori Tinkerbell from the Kennel Vagabunden.

On November 25st O'melly was visited from Choggi and her owner Hanne Lunding from Kopenhagen.

Kimi has born four males and four females. The puppies are in good health and without mistakes. Please look at: www. tevabe.rajce. There are nice photos.

Three bitches have given birth to her puppies to O'Melly during the last weeks. We wish the breeders Monika Petrovan (kennel yakitori) from Hungary, Diana and Preben Bechmann (kennel Bechmann) from Denmark and Ramona Preissler (kennel von- der- bostonvilla) from Germany a lot of joy with her litters and an affectionate new home for the small Bosties.

On September O'Melly made babies with Heaven vom Gräwig and Xenia Krasna Fanfara from Tschechei.

At the CACIB and national show in Leipzig on August 20st and 22nd O'Mellys offsprings met with success. Celine-Assya von Fausto achieved one day V1, best young Female, the next day she archieved BOB. Ashley von der Bostonvilla became V3 and Mozart vom Gräwig V2 und V1, best young male, both are 10 month old. Congratulations.

In August 2011 O'Melly was visited from "Lady" and her family Diana and Peben Bechmann from Denmark and moreover from "Betty" and the breeder Ramona Preissler from Germany.

Monika Petrovan from Hungary came to visit us with Fantastic Dream X-Press on July 11th, 2011. Here kennel is YakiTori. For further information look at www.boston-terrier.hu .

Celine-Assya von Fausto achieved a V1 at Erfurt on June 18th and 19th 2011.
At the CACIB she became Youth-Champion of Thüringen. Congratulations. We are happy and proud of this success and of the beautiful offsprings of our "Vagabund".
At the beginnning of June we spent one week on Sylt and took O'Melly on this holiday. Mon Cherie vom Gräwing lives there with her family, the Trosts, and O'Melly had a nice time playing with his daughter.At the CACIB in Neumünster "Monchie" got an extraordinary
evaluation and a VV2.
We, as well as the owners, are proud of the success of O'Melly's offsprings.
At the show of the 1.CBD in Marienberg on May 21st and 22nd Mrs Möhs achieved with Joschi vom Biesdorfer Grund a Sg1 and V1 in the intermediate class, Mummy's Dream vom Gräwig with her breeder Beate Schlot e a VV1 and VV2, Mozart vom Gräwig with Ramona Hermsdorf a VV1, Ashley von der Bostonvilla with the breeder Ramona Preissler a VV1, Apollo von der Bostonvilla with Henry Pump a VV2.
The breeders are very happy to have chosen O'Melly for their bitches.
For the proud owners Joschi, Apollo and Mozart are the most beautiful ones anyway. It was the first time they showed their dogs and they are very content with the good results.

O'Melly's offsprings met with success at the CACIB in Berlin. The Möhs' were delighted about Joschi vom Biesdorfer Grund's V2 in the Intermediate class and the Preisslers' about six months old Ashley von der Bostonvilla's VV1.Her brother Apollo visited us during the show as well as the pretty Mon Cherie vom Gräwig, we surely haven't heard the last about.
Congratulations to Rafal Marianowski.He had his first litter as a breeder of Boston Terriers. Sendi gave birth to five puppies.

Ripsa from Finland gave birth to two males and two females. The puppies have beautiful markings and are in very good shape. We share the happiness of Sonja Rauhala, who didn't mind the long journey. Photos can be seen at www.unikatin.

In January 2011 O'Melly was visited by Sendi fom Poland. Now we have to patient an wait.

Between Chrismas and New Year's Eve Sonja Rauhala from Finland came to visit us with Snglo's Holiday Ribbons n'Bows, called Ripsa. Ripsa is a very nice and pretty female, importet from the USA. It was love at first sight! For further information and pictures look at www.unikatin .

On November 20th Kennedy vom Gräwig achieved V1 and Youlth CAC at the Bostonterriershow in Paaren-Glien near Berlin. Congratulations to his owner, Joachim Baumann.

O`Melly's son, Kennedy vom Gräwig, 12 months of age, achieved at the exposition in Gosen near Berlin a V1 and CAC in the Jugendklasse. It was his first time in the ring, but he did very well and the judge and the visitors just loved him. O'Melly was runner up.

Finja von den Rottannen gave birth to 4 whelps (3 females and 1 male) on October 5th, 2010. They are in very good shape and just as beautiful as we hoped them to be. You will find some pictures at www.vomgräwig.de .
Xenia Krasna Fanfara expects her litter in November. For further information look at www.bostonek.cz

It was very hot - it felt like 50 degrees Celsius - in Hungary in Szombathely, where O'Melly became BOB and by this received his last necessary to become International Champion.

Lots of things happened in June and July. O'Melly definitely improved his swimming skills. When we went to Heiligendamm at the Ostsee, you could hardly get him out of the water. Here in Berlin he loves to jump into the Schlachtensee.

Betty Barclay von der Hessenvilla and Finja von den Rottannen visited him and he showed them not only the highlights of Berlin.

We did a lot of travelling abroad. First we went to the World Championship in Denmark, a very well organized exposition and a nice new experience for us. But the judge obviously prefered the smaller type of Boston Terriers. They come in three sizes, as you might know.

In Austria he didn't show any enthusiam but won the Champion Class.

Betty Barcley von der Hessenvilla had her litter on September 15th, 2010 without a Cesarean section.Our congratulations to the Preissler family. For more information and pictures look under www.von-der-bostonvilla.de .

Xenia Krasna Fanfara, called Kimi, visited ]O`Melly here in Berlin on September 7th. It was love on first sight and we expect the litter at the beginning of November. More information under www.boston.cz .

The FCI of Belgium awarded O`Melly the title "Champion International de Beauté". A great and well deserved success.

At the Boston Terrier Meeting in Börrstadt on August 28th O`Melly was awarded the title "King of the Show 2009" and we are proud of the big crystal cup that came with the title. Next day he achieved the third place in the champion class.

In Leipzig he became best male.

Frida Lulu, O'Mellys pretty daughter from Lemgo was voted "outstanding in all Areas" by the Judges in her very first Dog Show and archieved her "ssv". The Dittrich Family was very proud. Current pictures of Frida you can find in our "Puppy-Galery".

On May 15th O'Melly was voted "Prettiest Boston Terrier". Just one day later he made 2nd place. The weather was cold and rainy and the Dog Show a little curious.

On April 28th Vanila Sky gave birth to four beautiful and healthy puppies. We are sending our best wishes to Family Lemmer from Düsseldorf.