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10 reasons to get a yorkshire terrier

1. The way he licks my face when I'm sad
2. The way he always waits for me at his gate when I walk in the door
3. How well he travels and can come everywhere with me
4. His silly games with his toys
5. how he loves to cuddle close to me
6. his energy and willingness to always play
7. how brilliant he is
8. how well behaved he is with other dogs
9. his personality is one of a kind (and you gotta love his little tail wag)
10. how he turns my boyfriend into mush, when they play together
11. The little oohs and awws I get when I walk my cute puppy down the street
12. How he follows me everywhere, and is such a momma's boy
13. That look he gets in his eyes as if to say, "I didn't do anything wrong momma. " even when something is stredded on the floor infront of him.
14. How he knows where our car is parked and which apartment is ours.
15. His zoomies around the house.
16. how when he really wants something he plops himself down, but wiggles like he has ants in his pants that he can barely contain until you throw the ball or give the treat, etc.
17. How he is soooo like the energizer bunny
18. The way he wacks us with toys when we're not paying attention to him
19. how something that small can do something so big in my life
20. How he showed me that Matt (bf) will make a good father one day, in more ways than one.

Kendra & Harley

Harley, you are the light in my life, love you baby!

1. His little tongue. It's perfect. It's tiny, and virtually slobber free. When he licks my mouth, he tries to push it in between my lips. It's so darling.

2. I may be biased, but I think he is exceptionally cute, even for a yorkie!

3. When he rests his tiny chin on me when he's resting. It's such a little chin, but somehow it feels heavy. It's those times when I feel how much he loves and trusts me.

4. Whenever we go to the park, I get to see what pure, unadulterated joy looks like. He loves running every which way in the park with all his heart, every time we go.

5. I love how he does his best to dig himself a little nest in my couch.

6. I love his special coloring. Special coloring for a special dog!

7. I love watching him eat. He puts so much effort into it.

8. I love that his poops are tiny and easy to pick up!

9. I love that he looks like a little bunny when he runs.

10. Whenever he gets excited (which is frequently), he hunkers down and army crawls along the rug. It's hilarious.

11. When he rolls around on his back in the park. He looks crazy, and crazy adorable at the same time.

12. His little face when he pants. It's SO CUTE, I CAN'T STAND IT. He doesn't pant all that often, and he usually closes his mouth when I look directly at him, so it's always a treat when I see it.

13. He's learned to sit at street corners and wait for me to signal him. I love seeing his little face turned up, waiting for me.

14. I love taking him to the corner store, where they give him cheap kibble as a treat. As far as he's concerned, it's doggy crack. He gets so super excited when we go, he can hardly contain himself.

15. I love when he runs around on my hardwood floors. He literally runs in place for the first few seconds, just like a cartoon. And when he needs to stop, he slides and skids like a pro race car driver.

16. I love when we play together and he growls. It's the funniest sound in the world.

17. I love when I give him a belly rub and he looks at me with total love and trust.

18. I love when I give him a belly rub and he lifts his front legs over his head. It looks like he's being put under arrest.

19. I love that he considers it his job to watch out for both of us. When we walk at night, he always alerts on possible threats to our safety (mailboxes, joggers, plastic bags, etc). Then when I tell him it's okay, he relaxes (usually).

20. If he wants a belly rub, it's impossible to pick him up. He turns into a jellyfish, and no matter how I come at him, he manages to stay on his back, completely limp.

If you love something, set it free. Unless it's an angry tiger.

Reading these made me happy

1) when she comes running up her stairs to tell me she's made good potty.
2) when she comes running up her stairs to sit on our chests.
3) when she sleeps ON my laptop
4) when she stretches/ cracks her back getting off the bed on her stairs
5) her happy little trot
6) her goodmorning kisses
7) that she alternates spooning between my bf and myself
8) that my bf is a mushy fool for her
9) that she taught my bf that you can love more than one dog with all your heart
10) that she reminds me in subtle & not so subtle ways of my Bear. It helps me heal.
11) watching her play fetch with herself. flinging rawhide & treats across the room. Pure glee.
12) her sad eyes. she knows just how to work it.
13) her willingness to love any creature who comes her way
14) her sense of adventure. "where we gonna go today mom?"
15) how much she loves "puppy belly" time because that soft tummy is so yummy
16) how she eats one kibble at a time
17) that she kisses me. all the time. everywhere
18) when she slips her little tongue in my mouth like its normal.
19) how all her bodily functions are cute
20) how sweet she looks in her Yankees tee
21) how much she loves me

Lauren & Kasha
There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. -- Ben Williams

20 Reasons why I love my Razzle

1. He is so active, intelligent, inquistive
2. He is a lapdog, but also independent
3. How he snuggles with me. either on my feet, or in my lap
4. How he kisses my tears away, when I'm sad
5. How he chases his balls or toys, will full abandon, like it never, ever happened before.
6. His beautifull silk coat, that just slips through my hands. Pure heaven
7. His joy of seeing me, even if I've only been gone for five minutes.
8. How he meets each new situation with so much courage.
9. How he follows me into the bath, and just hangs around with me while I have my long bath, and then tries to lick all the water off my body.
10. How he is my best buddy. He travels everywhere with me. Planes, trains and automobiles. Ok Mom let's go.
11. How he stops people in the street. They usually say oh how adorable is "she". Lol
12. I love his eyes. They are so liquid and pure when they look at me.
13. How he is so good with people and dogs.
14. I love greeting him in the morning. It's like Wow Mom, I love you, so happy to see you.
15. How he gets this look of concentration on his face when he is doing his "business" outside.
16. I love how much he trusts me. Trusts my hubby too. If he is hurt, he runs to us, to make him well again.
17. When I pick him up, I love how he kisses my neck or my face.
18. I love how his ears move, when he is inquistive, or concerned, or uncertain, so many different ear sets.
19. I love how he just jumps into the water, and fetches his toys, and swims back to me.
20. I love the fact that I'm a better person for having this wee bundle of joy in my life

Magic, Razzle and Dara. Our clan. RIP Karma Dec 24th 2004-July 14 2013 RIP Zoey Jun9 th 2008-May 12 2012