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10 week old border terrier

Unfortunately, we do not have any pups available to new homes at the moment.

Here at Chaddlewood Border Terriers, we are very selective and have approximately one litter every year or so. We only produce a litter if we wish to perpetuate our line, and to enhance our own stock.

A lot of time and preparation goes into researching pedigrees, studying bloodlines, and visiting prospective sires both in their home environment and at shows. We select only the dogs that we feel will complement our bitches and will produce quality pups which will progress the breed as a whole. Therefore, we are looking for both excellent temperament and type. Let's not forget that our bitches must also possess excellent temperament and be in good health before we consider breeding from them.

All our pups are born inside in a warm, calm environment and away from the other dogs. No matter what time of day or night, we supervise the births and offer the best care to the nursing mother. Our pups are then reared indoors and provided with a safe, caring and loving environment.

As they get older and more independent, the pups are offered a more stimulating environment where they are well socialised with children, adults and our other dogs.

At 8 weeks old, the pups go to their new homes. They will have been wormed, and a worming certificate provided detailing their worming dates. All our puppies are pedigree dogs, and will therefore be registered with the Kennel Club. Kennel Club papers and pedigrees are all provided to the new owner in their puppy pack. 4 weeks puppy insurance is also provided so that new owners have the time and opportunity to select suitable dog insurance (which we recommend.)

We also follow the Kennel Club guidelines and place a Kennel Club breeding endorsement on each puppy entitled "Progeny not Eligible for Registration." For further details please see the Kennel Club website, however we will verbally explain this to you and (as per the guidelines) place a copy in your puppy pack.

The puppy pack we supply contains diet and advice sheets (which we will have already been through several times with the new owners!) A small container full of their current food will also be supplied to ensure that the pup has no dietary change at the potentially stressful time of rehoming.

At this stage we recommend any person considering a Border Terrier pup to view this very informative web page provided by the Southern Border Terrier Club.

As we strive to produce quality puppies, we only produce about 1 litter a year and therefore very rarely have a puppy that is immediately available. Having said that, we do hold a waiting list for people to register their interest in a pup from a future litter and would encourage people to contact us to discuss this.

Of course, at the stage when you register your interest we do not know the sex of any future pups, how many there will be or the colours of the pups. We are therefore unable to give any indication as to where you are on the waiting list (but I will do my best!) If we have no planned litters or pups available, then we may be able to recommend other breeders who have. Conversely, we may also know of other breeders who have older dogs available for rehoming.

If you are interested in our breeding program, or just wish to ask a question, then please contact us and we'll get back to you.

After making this initial contact with us, we would then invite you to phone us and we could make an arrangement for you to visit us all here at Chaddlewood to see the dogs. We can then answer any questions that you may have, and let you view our dogs in their own environment. You will then get a better idea as to whether a Border Terrier is the dog for you!