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10 year old jack russell terrier

Oh goodness, you're going in a little late in the game for the Jack, but if he or she is a youthful 10, it may be the shot of life your little dog needed.

Both are intelligent, dominant breeds. The puppy--if younger than five months--will have the advantage. That skunky little Puppy-Breath is a defense, a gentle one. An adult dog, smelling a puppy, may snarl and snap because they know in the deepest levels of instinct that they are not allowed to bite the puppy, which means most ear gnawing will be one-sided. After the fifth or sixth month of age, that smell disappears, then Justice is swift. It is extremely rare for an adult dog to bite a baby puppy and an occurance which should cause great concern about the socialization of the older dog.

Introduce on neutral ground; a park, the Petsmart training area (with permission, of course) or at someone else's house (not the puppies former home). Hold the puppy by the body and present the hiney to your Jack. Let the Jack take all the time he or she needs to learn about this puppy without the wiggliness getting in the way. If the Jack is interested, the ears will pick up, the tail will wag in a happy fashion. Hold the puppy on the ground for the final inspection and observe the Jack's reaction. If all seems well, then let 'er rip! If not, bring a blanket home from the puppy and put it by the food bowl for a day. Then bring the puppy home or out of the bathroom.

I would keep a short leash on both of them for about a week in case a tussle occurs. You never want to put your hand in a dog squabble. Or you can pull them out by the haunches, never by the collar.

Remember your genius Dobie will teach the old dog new tricks. Two's trouble! Your Dobie will be a snap to housebreak and will outdistance your smart Jack swiftly. Dobies self teach how to open doors. When this happens, hide the car keys! And with the two of them, with solid training, you should never have to look for your car keys, remote or any missing things. Your Dobe will have a sterling vocabulary.

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