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Animal Planet Dogs 101 / West Highland White Terrier

the West Highland White Terrier is one of the only dogs

It dick the West Highland White Terrier is one of the only dogs whose tail was bred to be strong enough to pull them out of tight hole they have the boldest personalities small dogs our two nations Westies are also great at finding rats in a maze but can this Westie earned the title master earth DOF think Taipei that's a West cute and cuddly yes but this little character is definitely not a lap dog their feisty little dogs.

They're like little napoleon's this mug maybe cue to us we look for a crater in a whole this is the face of terror terrier tear that is stocks come from Scotland they are one up that terrier group that was bred to go to Brown's and dig out violence all kinds of things Westies are close on the family tree to Cairns skies dante's and other Terriers have Scotland originally bred to clear farms mines and largest state silverman it wasn't long before this working dog charm its way into the home they've really become family jobs they are adorable there is to dissipate that adorable white coat is the most obvious.

Westie feature gets double layered with the course after code that sheds dirt and debris as it tunnels a warm under code makes it a good cold weather dog they were developed in Cairn Terriers happen to be white bread over and over again until they achieve because like dogs I how legend has it the white coat was born have a tragic hunting accident a Scottish nobleman colonel Edward on malcolm accidentally shot his red can't area thinking it was a pox so he said gosh darn it I'm get every is white terrier so I won't accidentally shoot hunting narrow shoulders rounded ribs & wide hips give the Westies body a bullet shaped the shape allows the dog to wiggle out of tight spaces but many Westie still managed to get into trouble it would often take themselves deep underground and the only way they could get got out was a fake bark loud enough.

So the people knew what they were they taken shovels they take them out it turned out that so many dogs got stuck in holes that a third unique trait was bred into the Westie a super strong tail it in the whole trying to get some out you can grab that tale you can pull on them that doesn't hurt them generations are breeders developed a tale with a robust bone and muscle structure the vertebrae at the base of the tail are almost equal in size to the rest of the spine if necessary the tail can be gripped to pull the dog how to the whole without hurting them while no to West these are the same in general they do well in most environments West is can be. in an apartment that remember not laptop the Westie is a hearty breed they can live up to 14 years hip problems and some other health issues are concerned for if you have a lot of Sun they can have problems with your chips with sunburst training this breed is no picnic you have to have a little bit of a dog experience before you get one of things West there a lot at the end of keeping that double layered white coat clean can be a challenge.

They're going to take a little bit more hope care than some of the other freaks the Westie is small so children should be monitored around the dog but in general they are good in the family they make amazing cat wonderful thoughts well the Westie does not like extreme heat generally healthy but susceptible to sunburn on the years keeping the breeds coating good condition can be a chore and a strong will makes it a challenge to train generally this is a great family pet I love West is West sees a great.

Animal Planet Dogs 101 / West Highland White Terrier