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101 dogs wheaten terrier


Soft Coated Wheatens have a significant single coat with a wavy, soft and silky texture. Ideally, the coat should not be cottony, wooly, straight or harsh. It matts easily, and that means owners of this breed must be committed to coat care and maintenance. De-matting is an arduous task on this breed when full coated, and that is hard on both dog and groomer. Like many other mid to long coated breeds hair shed can and often does remain in the under coat until it is removed by proper brushing and combing. Hair shed not removed will, with time or immediately upon getting damp or wet, begin to "tangle" and "matt" whereby the hair shed both wraps and compresses around the existing hair coat.

The art of styling a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is very specialized and best learned from a guide and with training.


Thinning shears are typically used to help make a coat lay flat and you will want to do that in many places on a Wheaten after the bath and dry. In fact, there is little to do other than undercoat and matt removal before the bath and dry on this breed. There is extensive styling after the bath and dry. Show trimming is different than the Wheaten trims provided by most groomers and involves far more scissoring and use of thinning shears.

When scissoring the Wheaten face you do not style a visor or eyebrow effect.

"Finding the right leave in spray conditioner can be invaluable for these dogs. Choose something light and anti-static versus something something oil based. This breed is high maintenance for any owner, and the dog is high spirited. Give the owner a small bottle to use at home. Return results tend to be better." Submitted by Todd Mayer