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12 terrier place kendall park nj 08824

Prior to certain actions taking place on a property, notice must be served to all property owners within 200 feet.

Below are the properties along with owner information that are within 200 feet of 24 TERRIER PLACE .

Your use of this list is at your own risk. This is a quick view to determine likely candidates for notification. Always confirm with your municipal clerk. This list does not include other entities, such as county, state, or regional agencies that would also need notification.

The current rate for USPS certified mail with signature confirmation is $6.74. To send the 30 certified letters to the list below will cost 202.2 .

The dashed red line denotes 200 feet from the property.

The list above is a quick view for fact-finding purposes. Use of this list for your noticing obligation is not recommended; contact your municipal clerk for an official list of property owners.

The property information displayed here is obtained from public records.
NJParcels make no guarantees on the validity of the data presented.
Information should be independently confirmed and you use the information displayed here at your own risk.