Who are you guys?

12 week old border terrier puppies

We're thinking of getting one. Dd2 (13) is especially keen on BTs.

This will be our second dog. The first one was a huge (possibly great dane/GS X but more likely a Heinz 57) rescue with some difficult behavioural and digestive issues. Unfortunately he had to go back to Dog's Trust after he went for my youngest without warning one day and we could no longer trust him around children

Are BTs yappy? do they need huge amounts of exercise?

I work 4hours a day, is that sustainable with a puppy or should we consider getting an older dog/bitch?

I have a 5 month old Border who we got at 8 and 1/2 weeks.

I think he is fantastic but then I am a little biased. I can't say that mine is yappy but he is still young. There are a pair about 10 houses down and I have never heard them.

We had the land shark stage between 8 and 12 weeks where if it moved he tried to kill it, feet being a favourite! He had ds and nearly me in tears then! That all stopped and I have to say I don't really recognise the tales of puppies bringing people to their knees and the 'never again' thing as in general he has been really easy.

He is a fab sleeper and has only ever created once at night and as it turned out he needed a wee. He was fully toilet trained by 12 weeks. He is chilled and relaxed in the house and has never chewed toys despite them being all over the floor amongst his toys. He knows what is his and is very good.

Exercise wise, he had to be dragged into car after a good hour in the woods yesterday and has done more. Bear in mind he is still very young. The lady down the street tells me hers are ever ready even if woken and can do 15 -20 mile hikes without flagging! I suspect he will need a lot as he grows.

Now the negatives! He is extremely friendly. Unfortunately this manifests itself as hurling himself muddy paws and all at anyone, whether they want him or not. Same with dogs, he is very bouncy and in their face. He pays little attention to their warnings sometimes which is scary and means I have to be very selective about where i let him off lead. His recall is fab until someone more interesting is around then I may as well go home.

Training class was a nightmare for the above reason. He didn'y want to listen to me when other dogs around. He is quick to learn at home when no dogs around and responds tp the clicker.He is not food motivated really either which can be tricky. Feeding has been a nightmare as he is picky and has an extremely sensitive tummy. We are still struggling to sort this.

He can be left for 4 hours but I consider this the max and it isn't regular either. I didn't consider it when he was really little.

Overall I think he is great. He has a typical confident gung ho personality and is great fun and he and ds (7) are now firm friends.

Thank you Fan all very useful info. Although I work I have (for complicated reasons I won't go into here) have a teenager who is home all day, however she is rarely out of bed before lunchtime.

Ah, we had a border terrier from 1990 to 2006. (Yep, she lived to be 16!). She was adorable, not yappy at all.

We had her for my sister who was ten at the time. She was a huge part of our family and is still missed today. My DH and I talk about getting a dog but we have an 8 wo ds2 and need to wait till he is older, but we know it would be a border.

Wrt excercise our dog wasn't keen as she got older, but when she was younger she did like regular, but not OTT excercise. Having said that we knew a BorderTerrier than ran alongside its owners bike everyday often doing 6 mile round trips, so I think it depends.

Our border coped with us working up to a point. She certainly didn't wet or mess inside but if we were gone a bit too long she would rip up a tissue! One time she got her head stuck inside a cream cake box, desperate to lick the last of the cream off it!

I would thoroughly recommend one!