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15 year old yorkshire terrier

If your Yorkie did make it to 15 years old that is like living to 76 for a human.

Age 3 to 4 weeks - The Yorkie is beginning to open its eyes. This is also about the time the pup has recovered from its tail docking. The tail would have been docked shortly after birth. Your puppy won't even remember it happening.

Age 8 Weeks - At this time your Yorkie puppy will be ready for her new home. Don't shy from training at this age. Your puppy can and will learn a lot at this age. Also, your Yorkie puppy will should be almost weaned from mama milk and strictly on a puppy food diet.

3 - 6 months - It is during this time Yorkie's ears begin to stand up. Keep the hair on the upper third of the ear clipped if you want them to stand. By 6 months if the ears have not stood you can tape them. If you wait too long after 6 months the ears may not stand at all.

4 to 7 months - During this time period, the Yorkie will begin teething. Have plenty for your puppy to chew on. If you don't you can be sure that she will find something on her own.

5 months - It is not uncommon for a Yorkie to have a perfect bite then have their bite go off track. Sometimes within just a matter of days. Be very aware of their Yorkie's bite during this age.

6 months to 1 year - It is at this time that a female Yorkie will generally enter her first heat often called a "puppy period". It is strongly recommended that you have your Yorkie spayed or neutered at this age, if you are not be breeding. This will greatly cut down on her chances of developing ovarian and/or mammary cancer in females and testicular cancer in males.

1 year old - This is now the age when your puppy is considered to be an adult. Puppy food can be switched to adult dog food. Mix them to start with the mixture being mostly puppy food and gradually becoming more adult food till it is all adult food. This keeps your dog from getting and upset stomach from a sudden change.

8 years to 12 years and on - The Yorkshire Terrier is now consider to be a senior dog and care must be taken to change dog food and increase veterinarian visits, among other changes. Expect that a house trained Yorkie may have accidents and the older she gets the more confused she may become. Take special care he doesn't jump on or off things and brake a bone. Make sure she has a comfortable warm place to sleep. If he isn't on any vitamins you may want to start (check with your vet).