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The West Highland White Terrier Club of America does NOT recommend adding a Westie to your family during the holiday season.
If you were thinking of giving a puppy as a Hanukkah or Christmas gift, we recommend that you don’t. As tempting as it might seem and as cute as the idea sounds…the timing is wrong for both people and puppies.

If your family has talked about a new puppy becoming a family member and if you have researched your breed of choice properly, then selecting the proper time to bring home a new puppy should be chosen just as carefully.

Holidays can be a very hectic time. Often there is a lot of activity with much coming and going and very little of the usual family schedule. Excesses usually abound at the holidays and create overwhelming opportunities for disaster. Puppies need consistency, direction and anticipation of their needs around the clock. Expecting a puppy to adjust during the holidays would be much like expecting us to move into a new home in the middle of our vacation.

Responsible breeders will not consider placing a puppy into its new home during the holidays.

You have options.
Rethink your timing and chose a time of year where routine is set within your family and home. Plan ahead. Don’t make this an impulse purchase. For the holidays or birthday, select one or two excellent books about your chosen breed to give as a gift. Instead of a puppy under the tree, give your family the pet’s supplies, such as dog bed, brushes, collar and leash, with an assurance that the puppy will be arriving after the first of the year. This will allow time for you and your family to talk about the expected arrival and plan accordingly.

Here are some recommended Westie books for you and your family:

  • The West Highland White Terrier Jill Arnel
  • The West Highland White Terrier Penelope Ruggles-Smythe
  • The West Highland White Terrier Dawn L. Martin
  • The West Highland White Terrier Seymour Weiss
  • Westies From Head to Tail Ruth Faherty
  • Westies Today Derek Tattersall
  • Pet Owners Guide to the WHWT Shelia Cleland
  • Complete Illustrated WHWT Joe & Liz Cartledge
  • West Highland White Terriers Roger Wright
  • Ackerman, Lowell, DVM, Dr. Ackerman's Book of West Highland White Terriers
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  • Buckley, Holland, The West Highland White Terrier, A Monograph . London: Link House, 1911 (48 pages, illustrated, hardcover). This, the first book devoted solely to the breed, is quite rare.
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