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1st tchiorny terrier kennels

At the beginning of the 90's I was busy with my dogs, a couple of Belgian Shepherds "Groendal" taking part into the Rescue and Recovery Dog Unities and I had bred some puppies. I was not very pleased with the results I had until then, and I had these feeling I wanted something different, less sensitive and nervous, peculiar traits in my dogs. Two breeds caught my attention: The Risenschautzer and the Flanders Cattle Dog, but I would soon change my mind; I could not find what I was really looking for. One day in a renowned dog magazine there was a brief article about an unknown couple of dogs being imported to Italy. There were also some pictures, that – to be honest – would not render much justice to the race. I went to visit the Breeder. Two huge hairy, black dogs welcomed me at the gate, barking loudly and rather intimidating. I was shocked and fascinated by their strength and proud gait. I had to have such a beautiful specimen, a breed so rare and mysterious that not even Enci knew about it. I started to gather information and names of people who owned some of these dogs and realized that some were in Germany, some in France but it was in Poland, Hungary and mainly in the Czech Republic and Russia that one could find this breed: The Tchiorny Terrier. At that time Russia was not part of F.C.I. and their pedigrees were not recognised by ENCI and relations with those countries were difficult at best. My first choice went to a small Kennel in Kladno, near Prague – Czechoslovakia. In November 1992 I came home with to sisters: Cassandra and Catherine Z Altheyrosei that became the foundation of my kennel. From that day many Tchiorny were borne and many became champions. Seven generations of my dogs allowed me to create our "own" blood line and the "Ciuffo Ribelle" dogs were recognized on all European Rings. Together with the breeding activity I took an interest for dog grooming. After participating in a course for Groomers in 1991 I opened my own Grooming and Toileting shop and still now this is my occupation!

ELIOVITTORINI: picture from "Dogs" november 2000