Who are you guys?

2 babe boston girl terrier

McKinley is a wonderful little girl, she is as smart as they come and has a great personality. She thinks life is a big party and all about nothing but play play play! McKinley is named after one of my favorite Cowboy players "Jay Novacek" Jay's middle name is McKinley, he was one of the best tight ends the Cowboys ever had.

Harper is a beautiful jet Black and White female, she has a really nice build and very pretty head. We have not had a dog as black as Harper since Reagan. She is very sweet and loves to play, she has been a wonderful addition to the Lone Star Boston Terrier clan. She is named after the Cowboys wide receiver Alvin Harper.

Randee is Brindi's littler girl we retained from Brindi's last litter. She is a true Seal and White. We just adore her. She has Brindi's happy go lucky personality and we could have not asked for more. Randee is named after the great Randy White, "The Manster" no explanation needed.

Toni is jet black and has the cutest personality ever. We were lucky enough to get her from Gary Lance. Toni is named after the great Tony Dorsett. One of the best running backs in NFL history.

Drew is a future dam to our Boston Terrier clan, she comes to us from Phoenix Az. She is named after one of the greatest wide receivers the Cowboys ever had, the great Drew Pearson.

Hanna - named after James Hanna tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. He was drafted by the Cowboys in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Hanna is also a local from Flower Mound TX.

Dakota (Dak) - Our youngest member of our clan, named after 4th round draft pick Dak Prescott the future quarterback for the Dallas cowboys.

Our retired girls who started it all.

This is Logan, 4-15-2000 to 3-23-2016, she was the reason we started breeding Boston Terriers. She is so smart, she does all sorts of tricks and she is the sweetest dog ever.

We lost our sweet Logan just 3 weeks shy of her 16th birthday. She will always be our special little girl!

Reagan - October 28 2000 to December 7, 2013. We lost our sweet little Reagan at the age of 13. Reagan was a wonderful dog with the most loving personality, we still retain her bloodlines through her grandson Tyler.

Polly is also "Retired", her lines will be carried on by her son MM Uno.

Kylee - Now retired. She is out of Reagan and is also the mother of Tyler. Kylee is probably the happiest dog we own. She wags her tail all the time.

Brindi - Now retired. 13 1/2 inches tall. She is seal colored, Brindi is our little bouncer, she bounces and leaps everywhere she goes. Brindi is being replaced by her daughter Randee who we hope will bring us wonderful puppies like her mom!

Jordan- 13 inches tall. She is a very special girl, she comes from some of the same lines as Landry. She has quite the personality. She is extremely laid back. Jordan has just recently been retired. She is named after the great Lee Roy Jordan.

Aubrey - Retired - is our only Brindle Boston Terrier. She is on the smaller size and has a great personality and she and McKinley play non stop.