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2 boston terriers

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Well, haveing two Bostons means that they might find that they prefer each others company to yours! I have had that happen with Bostons before! The second dog is more likely to act this way than the original pet.

Gracie had been an only dog for years before we got Sassy. She is a bit jealous of Sassy, but we get around that by my husband and I having our own dogs. Gracie is mine and Sassy is his. Gracie seems ok with this. If your husband doesn't want a dog of his own you might be better off with just one.

I used to have a Boston that was pretty sore at me when I brought another dog home. She had nothing to do with me for about 4 months. If I came into the room she was in, she would leave or turn her back to me. Though she had been perfectly housebroken for years, I had to start crating her again because she would go and poop in front of the new pups cage! She did eventually start "speaking" to me again, but it took quite a bit of time!

Another thing to think about is the the potentual for naughtiness. Gracie has always been a good girl. Sassy is a bit of a stinker and is not the least bit sorry when she does something bad. Sassy often inspires Gracie to be naughty too! Sassy barks at something, Grace does too. Sassy chews on a forbidden object, Gracie sometimes tries it also! I'm sure that some of this will go away after Sassy matures a bit.

It is fun to watch Bostons play together! Your succes with more than one Boston depends on each dogs personality and how you relate to your dogs.