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2 jack pet russell sims terrier

When you play with your dog, go on walks, bathe your dog, win competitions and generally make your dog happy, your dog will earn points. Your puppy can earn up to 200 points per day. Your dog can lose points if you neglect it, or are mean to it (like yanking on the leash or pulling its tail). As your dog earns more points, your Owner Points increase. You can check your Owner Points by tapping the envelope icon in your journal. Having more owner points will unlock items and dog breeds. Cats also earn points, although they earn them much more slowly than dogs do. Your cat will earn points if you bathe it, play with it, brush it, and so on.

You will know that your dog or cat has earned points when you see colorful sparkles over it. For example, after playing with a toy for a minute or two, you will probably see yellow sparkles over your pet. This means that it has earned some points. Here is a partial list of things that make your dog or cat earn points:

  • Participate in a competition (dogs only)
  • Be bathed
  • Be brushed
  • Be petted
  • Play with a toy
  • Befriend and play with a neighbor's dog (dogs only)
  • Go on a walk (dogs only)
  • Be fed/watered
  • Learn and practice tricks (dogs only)

The following things might make your cat or dog lose points.

  • Not being fed when famished or watered when parched
  • Getting into trouble on walks (peeing on the sidewalk instead of in grass, eating garbage, getting in puddles) (dogs only)
  • Being dirty/filthy
  • Being left alone all day
  • Being teased (tugging ears/tail, making it sneeze, etc)
  • Having its leash tugged on walks (dogs only)
  • Being hit with a toy
  • Playing with a toy that scares it
  • Listening to a record that scares it