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2 jack russell terrier puppies adoption

Chico is a 7-year-old Bull Terrier/JRT mix who has been in foster care for some time now. He is a very healthy, strong and energetic dog. Chico is neutered and up to date on all shots. He is a very lovable and loyal dog towards his foster family. His favorite activity is playing ball which he will do for hours if you let him! Chico gets along with other stable, well-mannered dogs. He can be a bit food aggressive so we feed him in his crate. We do not allow him to share toys or balls with the other dogs in the home.

His personality at play is best described as a linebacker in a dog suit! Chico is not good around cats and he will require a fully fenced in yard when outside. He can’t use a radio collar electronic fence since he has already been trained to use an e-collar. Chico requires at least 30 minutes of exercise daily but he will certainly play for longer periods of time if you let him! He sleeps well in his crate at night. Due to his physical strength, we don’t recommend him for a home with young children. He can be very protective of his family when strangers are around. He does take time to warm up to new people. If you would like to make Chico the newest member of your family, please contact MAJR and complete an application at www.majr.

Phoenix is making huge strides. It's not easy for a 8 - 10 year old puppy mill dog to trust when she's never been shown kindness. Every day, we go for a walk and people are kind and pet her. This is a process. She will probably always need to be on a leash outside and she will probably always be a flight risk and be shy of people but she is loving in her way and I can see that she wants to try. It's just so scary. She is no longer her old name - Loopy which is what the Amish farmer called her.

Please contact MAJR at [email protected] for more information.

Hi, I’m Otis but people call me Odie. I'm 5 or 6 years old, neutered and house trained. I'm okay in a crate but it’s not my favorite place, especially if I'm alone. I love hanging out with other dogs and I tolerate cats so it would probably be best if my forever home doesn’t have any felines in it. I am good with older children but would not do well with little children, especially toddlers who like to reach and grab. I am kind of a loner and would do best with an owner who understands Jacks.

I consider myself to be pretty independent and would rather “go to ground” than sit on a human’s lap. We Jacks like our personal space especially when we are minding our own business. I'd love to live on a farm with a couple other nice dogs where I can be busy during the day and hang out at night. It would be great to have a loving home that will give me time to settle in so I can show them all the wonders that make me Odie !

Please contact MAJR at [email protected] for more information.

Princeton and Pee Wee

Princeton and Pee Wee are a bonded pair who were surrendered to ACCT in Philly in February 2016. These sweet boys are Jack Russell/Chinese Crested mix (which accounts for what was thought to have been hair loss) and they are currently being fostered in the suburbs of Philly.

They are neutered, heartworm negative, and up-to-date on vaccinations. This bonded pair gets along with cats and dogs and they love to go on walks (they are great on leash). They are love bugs and enjoy playing and giving kisses and snuggling with humans or each other. In fact, when you see one of them, the other is bound to be very close by!

Princeton is 8 years old and is the smaller/shorter of the two. He has more body hair than Pee Wee. with black and white markings on his back. Princeton weighs about 20 pounds and takes phenobarbital for seizure disorder (with medication, he has been seizure free without any issue). Pee Wee is 9 years old and weighs about 21 pounds. He is the taller of the two and has much less body hair than Princeton. These boys have lived their entire lives together so we want them to stay together. There will be a discounted rate for the adoption fee.

Please consider adding this dynamic duo to your family! You won't regret it.

Please contact MAJR at [email protected] for more information.

Regan is a sweet, petite Jack Russell Terrier who is approximately 9 years old. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, de-wormed, heartworm negative and on preventative. She is well-behaved in the company of other dogs as long as they are well-mannered but she would probably thrive as an only dog. She LOVES barking and keeping all the little critters away and she really enjoys playing fetch and can even 'find' a ball if it gets out of her line of sight.

Regan loves to play with toys and will bring them to her human to throw for her. She will often carry her toys around with her as it provides a certain level of comfort. Once she has a chance to warm up to new people, Regan will be asking for your love and attention. Playing “trade fetch” (i.e. toss the ball, she retrieves, drop a treat, she drops ball, repeat) has been a great way for people to bond with her. Regan is probably more like a cat in the sense that she needs things to be done on her terms and once she knows you well, she is a cuddle bug! She does like to bark and she’ll bark and spin in circles when she is overly excited but she can be distracted from that behavior if she is called and you offer her a treat or toy.

Regan does well in her crate and is working on improving her housebreaking skills. She just needs the touch of a kind hand and to trust you and she is sure to be a loyal companion to someone or the perfect farm dog!

If you'd like to add Regan to your family, please contact us.

Lucy is an 11-yo female JRT who is UTD on shots, spayed and has had recent dental work. She was an owner-surrender. Lucy will take a little bit of time to warm up to her new family, but once she does and if you let her, she would love to climb on you and give you lots of kisses.

While Lucy is not enthusiastic about walks, she does love being outside. She would probably prefer a yard where she can spend her time inspecting her territory, rolling in the grass and laying in the sun. She is very inquisitive. Lucy seems to prefer tennis balls and will give chase and return to sit and chew on it and likes a bit of tug-o-war. She is not overly energetic but has spurts of energy. She currently lives with one person and the home is very low-key, so she may be more energetic if she has a larger family.

As she has warmed up to her foster mom, Lucy now likes to sleep close to her human.
Lucy would prefer to be an only dog and we don't know how she would be with cats. I would recommend no young children and preferably children with dog experience.

If you'd like to add Lucy to your family, please contact us.

Tina is an 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She is the sweetest dog her foster mommy has ever met. Tina likes to be around people and she will follow you around all day if she can. She sits by your feet as to say "I love you".

She does well with other dogs and small children. She would make the perfect family dog. She walks well on a leash and stays close to you when not on a leash. She is housebroken. Tina is spayed and up to date on all shots. Her only bad habit is begging. She doesn't get aggressive. but she is persistent. Bad breath was a problem, but not anymore! She just had a major dental, so she is ready for her forever home!

If you would like to make Tina the newest member of your family, please contact MAJR and complete an application .

Stone is a wonderful dog! He appears to be a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund. I tell him he’s funny looking, and he is—a loveable, funny little guy. He likes to jump, and run after balls, and cuddle, and eat. He eats everything!

According to his papers, he is at least 8 years old, but he may have more energy than my two-year old terrier. The only complaint that I have is that in the last three days he has starting picking on my senior rescue who is not able to defend himself. Stone is great with my JRT and my Australian Terrier, but they are able to put him in his place if he gets too sassy.

The most endearing quality of Stone is that he is great with my two boys, ages 8 and 11. My 8-year-old son drives my JRT crazy and is often growled at by him, but not by Stone. Stone loves him, and no hug is too much or too tight for Stone.

Stone will do great in an active household but probably not around small pets (cats, puppies, infirm dogs J ). His intake papers said he is a destructive chewer, but I have not seen any of that. He molded into our routine very quickly. He adapted to the crate, and hangs out on our property without a lease but will follow my JRT when he goes into the cul du sac to investigate any travelers. Stone responds to his name, and loves to go for walks. He’s never had an accident in my house. He barks, but so do the other fellows in the house. There will be tears when he leaves, but we know that he will bring his forever family lots of joy.

Please contact MAJR if you are interested in adopting Stone .

Perdita is the "lost one" no more and is looking for her forever home. She came to MAJR after being tied up overnight at ACCT. She was scared, emaciated, and post partum and exemplified the Shakespeare character she was named after. Over the past weeks, this adorable soul has flourished with the support of her foster siblings. She loves to play, has learned her nickname

Perdie very quickly along with some basic commands, and has a healthy appetite. She is learning her potty habits and how to play with toys. Perdie would be best with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats or children. Perdie will be available for adoption in late August after her spay surgery. Will you be the one to ensure that Perdie will never be lost again?

Please contact MAJR if you are interested in adopting Perdita .

Willow is a Jack mix who was rescued a few months ago from a shelter in VA when she was pregnant. She is a very sweet and loving girl who deserves the attention and love of her own family. She is approximately 6-8 years of age. Ideally, she'll need a quiet home with one other calm dog or no other dogs as she can get scared when there is too much activity from another animal. Willow has a high prey drive so she should not be in the home with cats or other small critters.

She is not able to return to the state of VA so if you live in VA, you will not be able to adopt her.

Please contact MAJR if you are interested in adopting Willow .

Hello my name is Princess Renny. I am 12 years old and I expect all of my subjects to bow to my every whim. No, really I do. I have huge brown eyes and boy do I know how to use them to my advantage! I have a serious hitch in my giddy up because of an injury. My knees are locked but let me tell you, I can move when I want to, especially when food is involved! I have to admit I don't have the best manners when it comes to taking treats. I love to cuddle and would love to make someone the perfect lap warmer! Is that you?

Please contact MAJR if you are interested in adopting Renny .

Hi my name is Petey. When I'm being really sweet, my foster mom calls me Petey pie. Of course, I'm always the bestest Jack Russell you'll ever meet! I'm 10 yrs old, neutered and UDT on my shots. When I came into the shelter, I was covered in fleas so I lost most of the hair on my back and tail but I'm much better now! I'm good with other dogs (I have a brother and 2 sisters right now) but I like to chase cats. I hang out with a 9 yr old boy and like him not sure about younger kids. I love to go for walks and I'm good on the leash. My foster mom says I must think I'm part cat because I like to jump up on the back of the couch behind her head. I like to cuddle and get tummy rub!

I love my foster mom but I really really want to have my own family to love. Is that you?

Please contact MAJR if you are interested in adopting Petey .

Odie is a 5 month old Jack mix who weighs about 15 lbs. He loves attention and would much rather be laying in your lap than doing anything else. He has a very calm personality and he's just a sweetheart. Odie is the perfect family dog as his foster family includes two dogs, one cat, and two children under the age of 10. He gets along with everyone and is looking for a family to call his very own.

If you'd like to offer Odie a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Rocket is a gorgeous JRT who is approximately 6 years old. He is house trained, neutered and up to date on shots. Rocket is a very happy boy who enjoys the company of other dogs and aside from chasing cats, he doesn’t seem to mind them much. He is active and will need a family who can make sure he gets enough exercise. He is definitely more of a country dog than a city dog so he would not do well in an apartment. He doesn’t love being in a crate but he’s getting used to it.

Rocket spent some time working with a trainer at Above & Beyond Dog Training since he had some resource guarding issues surrounding toys. He has improved, learned some skills such as “drop it” and he is definitely eager to please. We would recommend him for a home with older children and dogs that are more calm.

Currently, he is being fostered in Chester County, PA on a farm and he really enjoys farm living. His foster mother Paula really enjoys him and says he is very sweet. He has had no issues with the resident dogs.

If you'd like to offer Rocket a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Please meet Patches. He is about 2 years old and was an owner surrender from Maryland. He was surrendered because he wasn't behaving or listening. Funny thing is he probably couldn't hear to obey. Although we haven't done a BAER test on Patches, we think he can hear a little bit but not a lot.

Patches lives happily with 7 other dogs of different sizes and ages (including an intact male) and one old cat. He sleeps in the bed (and under the covers). He will play with other dogs for brief periods and his foster every once in a while but he tends to a loner.

Patches likes to be around people but he has not shown himself to be a very affectionate dog. He likes to be petted and to cuddle but there are times when he would prefer to just be close without being touched and will let his people know which he prefers. Because Patches has strong bite inhibition, he has not broken skin but he will look scary and he will nip if you don't listen.

Patches loves to go for walks but he does not to well in crowds and with strangers. He doesn't do well in situations where there is a lot of movement around him and situations he doesn't understand. He would not be good with children or senior citizens. Patches is also a tail chaser. We have been working to resolve this habit and he is much better. He can also be crate aggressive. He will growl and lunge at the crate door. Since he is housebroken, there is not much need to crate.

Patches needs a special owner who understands the challenges presented to deaf dogs and one who is willing to support him without enabling with fear. He will do best with a quiet private person looking for a companion to go for walks and just have another being in the house. Because he is not good with strangers. whoever adopts Patches will need to be willing to give him several weeks for him to find his way and adjust to his new home and new schedules. He will also need someone familiar with alternative medicine to help with his tail chasing and fears. Patches has not done well with conventional medicine but is reacting really well to homeopathy, herbs and a mostly raw diet.

I know Patches doesn't sound perfect but he is a great little dog now that he is better balanced mentally and we understand his body language. If you are willing to give him a chance and time, he will be a great companion.

If you'd like to offer Patches a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Riley is a precious Jack Russell mix. He is neutered, up to date on his shots and per his recent vet visit, Riley is in excellent health. He is a playful 6-7 yr. old dog and full of a contagious joy!

He gets along great with the small dogs and cat in his foster home and loves to run and play outside in the fenced yard. He has awoken his foster sister’s playful spirit! It is important to note that he does not welcome other dogs into his foster home so with regards to strange dogs, he is territorial.

Riley is very polite when company comes and is good with children. He loves everyone he meets! His basic obedience skills are strong and he has learned very quickly in his foster home. He needs continued work on his recall but with time and patience, he will be excellent. He is very submissive to his foster mom and responds to gentle, positive encouragement. If training is made fun for Riley, there is no limit to what he could learn!

Riley likes to take walks and rides in the car. He would love a fenced yard and another dog to play with. Riley would make a wonderful companion for children 10 years old and over. He is a very special dog with so much love and joy in his heart. If you think you could give Riley the love and home that he needs, please fill out an adoption application.

If you'd like to offer Riley a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Charlotte is a little lady. She follows you around the house waiting to do whatever it is you ask of her. If you would like her to sit in your lap all day watching television, she will do that. She will also catch a ball for you and walk nicely on a leash. Charlotte has an adorable way of curling into a blanket so that she's completely hidden in it, and she also likes to crawl about the floor pulling her hind legs behind her in a cute lively way. Charlotte enjoys the company of all humans and other pets. She hangs out and plays with my dogs very nicely and adores my daughter.

Please consider Charlotte for your pet. She would like someone who isn't gone all day and she would enjoy having another dog as a companion. Charlotte is a healthy, lively 10-year-old. I have fostered many dogs and many breeds and I can honestly say that Charlotte is one of the nicest I have had in my home. Please consider allowing Charlotte to love you just as she loved her previous owner, who due to divorce could no longer keep her.

If you'd like to offer Charlotte a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Hi, I'm Princess although my foster mom thinks that I am more of a queen. I'm am an 8 year old Jack mix, I have the normal broken coat scruffy face and also have a wiry mane although it doesn't show in some of my pictures. My hair was unkempt when I was brought to the groomer and she decided that starting fresh would be best! If my foster parents could describe me in one word, they would say "mellow". I like to snooze on the couch and on the bed and will sometimes sprawl completely out on the bare floor. I am a bit larger than the normal Jack, weighing in at 31 pounds but that doesn't stop me from being a super sweet girl. I enjoy belly rubs and smooches on my snout and eyes and will greet you at the door with a happy howl and a brisk wag of my tail.

I do well with my three Jack foster brothers, two of which are puppies. I play with them but my spunk wears out quickly. To be honest, I'd really rather be napping. I am not afraid to give the puppies a grumble and sometimes a little growl if I want to be left alone but my foster parents say that I do not have a mean bone in my body. I have grown attached to my foster mom but also enjoy spending time with my foster dad. It took me some time to adjust to him but I am starting to welcome snuggles and love from him. I never showed aggression toward him, I just didn't seem to be as interested in him when I first met him. I do not bark at strangers when they visit, I just welcome them with a tail wag and a greet. I have been around children and don't seem to mind them either. I am really just happy being loved and in a cozy home. I have had a few pee accidents in the house but my foster parents are noticing that I will go all the way downstairs on the hardwood to relieve myself. I also really enjoy lounging in the sun in our fenced in backyard.

Princess is being fostered in Inwood, WV.

If you'd like to offer Princess a forever home, please apply for him at www.majr .

Hello, I am Katie. I have been in foster care for almost five years and I just do not understand why no one has wanted me! I am a pretty, feisty, little female (45 pounds), guessed to be between 4 and 5 years old. I don't look a lot like a Dalmatian, but the local shelter said I was a "Dalmatian mix" so CCDAL took me in. I have a lot of energy and I'm very athletic. My foster mom thinks I would be good at something called "agility." I love spending time with my pack, older kids, running, cuddling, and most dogs. I need supervision in the yard because the "other" (non-Dalmatian) part of me likes to run free. I am told that I can be very charming, especially when I cock my head and put my ears up. I am also extremely playful, curious, and energetic. I am very pretty when I sit and I'm working very hard to not jump up on humans and to understand what "off" means. but it is easy to forget when I get excited to see someone or smell something yummy in the kitchen! I would love to sit in your lap, but I'm starting to understanding that I need to be invited up or I have to stay on the floor. I am told I am a smart girl and that I learn quickly. I snooze patiently in my crate while you are gone during the day, but when you come home, I'm ready to go with my tail wagging and wagging. At the end of a big day, I like to curl up in my crate and will burrow down for the night in my big, soft blanket. I sleep easily through the night, but in the morning I'm ready to get up and go again. I am spayed, housebroken, up to date on shots, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. I have no health problems and love playing with other dogs. A buddy would be wonderful but I'm OK with being an only dog, too. I would benefit from continued obedience training and clear, consistent direction.

If you think I am right for you, please fill out an adoption application. I've waited a very long time to meet my "furever" family! Wouldn't you please take me home? Why not? Email Jackie Threatte at [email protected] for more information.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Meet Murphy a/k/a Murphy’s Law! He is a JRT from Ireland and is 10 years old. Murphy is still intact and the vet says that he is too old to have the neuter surgery at this point. He is a very loyal dog who loves to go for long walks and play catch with his squeaky toys. Don’t let the number fool you as Murphy certainly doesn’t act his age! Murphy also enjoys car rides where he loves to wear his seatbelt! At this time, Murphy is in need of a loving family who will give him the unconditional love and attention he needs and deserves. Murphy is micro chipped and up to date on shots. He would do best as the only dog. If you would like to make him part of your family, please call Lois at 908-638-8344.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Jack is a 5 to 6 year old neutered male that is up to date on all of his shots and heart worm negative. He is good with all animals and adults but he is nervous around children when they are playing. Jack would be great with an adult only home or with older children. Jack loves to play and is very loving. If interested in providing him a forever home, please contact Shannon at 609-805-5491.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

I am in immediate need of a home for Tucker. a 3 year old Jack Russell/Poodle mix with "special needs". This pup came from an abusive situation & has some fear issues.

He likes women but it takes a long time for him to trust men. in fact he will chase them up stairs & when they go out the door. Aside from that he is very loving. Loves to lay on your lap. Loves playing with toys, balls & plastic soda bottles. He's fine with other dogs & cats. Very intelligence little dog.

He will need fully vetted to include neutering. If interested in finding out more about Tucker or to adopt him please contact Denise @[email protected]

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Hello. My name is CJ. I am about a 10 year old male. I am an all white, wirey haired Jack Russell. I'm a little nervous until I get to know you, then I'll love it so much when you pet me and talk to me. I've been around other dogs my whole life, cats never. I was neutered as soon as I was old enough, but I still like to life my legs to pee on everything outside when it's potty time. I bark a little but not as much as my sister Molli. My previous owners made sure to take me for my shots every year. I'm not a fan of being picked up. So if and when you try to I will roll onto my side or back, just reassure me that its OK and I'll let you. I love going for car rides, and seeing the sights. My previous owner is getting older just like me and I understand that he needs to take care of himself even though it was a tough decision to find me another home. I can't wait to meet my new family. I promise to protect you and be your best friend!

Please contact Ashley at 570-617-2597 if you can give CJ a forever home. Located in PA.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Hi! My name is Molli. I'm about 11 years old. I absolutely love to be loved and I promise I'll protect you. I have very good ears, and if something sounds suspicious outside our home, I will bark just a little to let you know. My previous owners got me spayed as soon as I was old enough, and also always took me every year for my shots. I am a tad bit anxious most of the time. When I was younger they called me hyper. I am a good listener, I know "Molli. sit!" and "Molli get down". I lived in a house with lots of land to run on. But I was only allowed off the leash when we were playing catch. I dream of a fenced in yard that my new owners can let me be me and sniff and see everything. I've been around dogs all the time but I wish I was an only child. My previous owner is getting older like me. He didn't want to give me up, but I understand. I've never been around cats, I'm sure I wouldn't hurt them though. Same for children. FUTURE PURRRENTS of mine, I can't wait to be your new best friend.

Please contact Ashley at 570-617-2597 if you can give Molli a home. Located in PA.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Kyo is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is a feisty little dog who is full of energy! He's a little on the large side, clocking in at 21 lbs, but his vet said he's got excellent muscle mass for a dog his age!

Kyo has been with us since a puppy but with a toddler and new baby on the way, we have been finding it difficult to give Kyo the exercise and attention he deserves. As with all Jack's, he's got quite the personality and is quite possessive over his toys and food. He would do well in a home without other pets or children, but who are active and have plenty of room for Kyo to run free! Despite his quirks, he's a lovable dog who loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you. We'd hate to re-home him but he deserves so much more than we can offer right now! We will want to screen anyone interested so that Kyo ends up in the best home.

We can be reached via email: [email protected] Kyo is located in southern New Hampshire.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Meet Bandit. He is a 12 year old pure bred Jack Russell in need of a home. He is currently located in Howard County, MD.

Unfortunately, his home life is not conducive to his needs. He owners have tried to make adjustments, but it has become a bit challenging with toddlers/young children in the home.

He can be possessive or guarded about his bed, toys and food, so he would probably be best suited for a home with older children or no children at all. He has been know to be selective about dogs and cats, but has been good with some after proper introduction. He is very sweet and full of love. He has a lot of terrier energy, so don't let his age fool you. He is neutered and UTD on his shots. He is house broken.

If you have additional questions or are interested in adopting him, please contact Karen at 443-289-0027.

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Bindy is 6-month old Jack/Rat terrier mix who is spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. She was adopted and returned due to her high energy level. Bindy does well with other dogs but she has a lot of energy and some dogs just don’t appreciate that about her! She needs a likeminded dog to keep her company.

Bindy loves the attention and companionship of humans. She will sometimes nip at your clothes or feet to get your attention so she is probably best in a home without young children.

Bindy is crate trained but does occasionally have accidents. A good fence is a must for her as she has learned how to get out of her foster’s yard. Bindy is located in east Tennessee and if you’d like to make her part of your family, please contact Chris Owens at [email protected] .

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Buddy (North Carolina)

Buddy is a 5 year old Jack Russell mix, around 15lbs. who is well behaved and crate trained. He presently lives with one male Schnauzer and a cat. The current owner can no longer afford to care for him due to medical problems of her own. Buddy's immunizations are up to date, he is neutered and attends annual vet appointments.

He is not aggressive but due to being mistreated by young children prior to being taken in by his current family, it would be better for Buddy to be placed with a family that has only older children. Buddy is located in Greenville, NC.

Please contact Anita Proctor at 252-756-1928 if you'd like to adopt Buddy .

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.

Cookie is an 8-year-old short haired broken coat purebred Jack Russell Terrier. She has been adored by her human family, two of whom reluctantly left her to go off to college. She is playful and friendly but she does not like squirrels.

Cookie listens well to the point of stopping mid chase or dropping whatever she has in her mouth when commanded to do so, even if it's a bunny! Sit, paw, rollover, and jump are a few of her tricks - just don't ask her to fetch.

Cookie is the penultimate snuggle puppy. She will steal your heart! On a sad note, she lost her mom, Belle, in July, and her playmate, Monkey, a green-eyed black tomcat, who went to live on a farm when her owner moved. Her current owner works two jobs and is never home and feels that Cookie needs the love and attention she deserves.

Cookie is currently located in Beaver, PA. If you are interested in providing her with a forever home, please contact Janet at 724.544.1401 or [email protected] .

MAJR hopes for a happy ending for this pup, but is not responsible for it's actions or the actions of it's owners.