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2004 border calendar terrier

Freilance Instructors and Their Dogs

Sharon Freilich and her husband Phil got started in Border Terriers in 1989. She found the breed ring to be interesting, but found obedience to be much more up her alley. Not long after putting a CDX on her first Border Terrier, she was introduced to agility and her life has never been the same.

She started dabbling in agility in 1991, but soon got hooked with her little Border Terrier, Briar. In 1994, they went to Houston for the USDAA Nationals and came home with a fifth place in the Mini Division. Briar retired a few years later due to poor health. Sharon and her husband, Phil, started Freilance Dog Sports in 1995 at their home in Martinez, CA. It has grown to nearly 200 students. three instructors besides Sharon and classes 7 days a week. Many of their students are competing at top levels in AKC. USDAA. CPE and NADAC.

Sharons training philosophy:

  1. Break down the behavior into the smallest component
  2. Build on success
  3. Take responsibility for your dog's actions
  4. Have fun while you're training
  5. If your dog isnt getting it, go back to 1.
Since Briar, Sharon has been partners with the following dogs:

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Scandal (Border Collie)
MAD MX MXJ XF Hob Nob Singular Sensation
  • I purchased Scandal from Jan DeMello in March 2008 at 3 years old. Born a singleton, Jan became very attached to Scandal, spending her time laying the foundation for his agility career and training him in herding, he was ready for whistles. He is a lovely dog and I am excited to have the opportunity to love and train him.

Thyme (Border Collie)
Gold ADCh MACH 3 Silvertip's Wild Thyme
  • 2009 Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Finals - 1st place Relay
  • 2007 Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Finals - 4th place
  • 2005 USDAA 26'' Grand Prix Finalist - 4th place
  • 2004 USDAA Steeplechase Finalist
  • A very bright and keen worker. She has quite a sense of humor and is a little bit of a mama's girl (I seem to do that to my red dogs).

Cirque (Border Collie)
Gold ADCH MACH 2 Hob Nob le Cirque

  • 2010 AKC Finalist 11th place
  • 2009 AKC Nationals 3rd Place
  • 2008 AKC National Finalist
  • This little dog is full of life and enthusiasm. He is intense and probably the least complicated of any dog that I have ever trained and owned. All I have to do is show him and he gets it and understands it almost immediately. He is a happy boy, don't think that he has ever had a bad day.

Rae (Border Collie)
Freilance Rae OA OAJ AD

  • A Border Collie from local herding lines. Now retired from agility this awesome little dog shows promise in herding, so much so I have bought 8 St. Croix for her.
Rip (Border Collie) 02/04/1997 –04/06 2009
Gold ADCh MACH3 Lunarlit Rippel Effect EAC EGC EJC Silver Lifetime Achievement Award 2006
  • 2007 USDAA Performance National Standard Finalist - 2nd
  • 2007 USDAA Steeplechase Finalist - 6th place2006 USDAA Performance National Standard Finalist
  • 2005 USDAA 22" Steeplechase Finalist - 5th place
  • 2005 USDAA 22" Grand Prix Finalist - 6th Place
  • 2004 USDAA Grand Prix Finalist - 10th Place
  • 2004 USDAA Steeplechase Finalist - 8th Place
  • Rip has placed and won many classes at the USDAA and AKC Nationals.
  • 2001 AKC Agility Nationals, placed three out of the four runs with a 1st and two 2nds.
  • 2000 USDAA Nationals - Won 22” division Steeplechase, In and Out, Snooker and Jumpers classes.
  • He is an incredible agility dog and becoming well versed in herding.

Jigs (Border Collie) 04/17/1999-01/27/2009
ADCH Mihran Jigsaw MX MXJ UD
  • 10/17/2009 Earned his UD with three first places
  • Kate and Jigs earn NAP and NJP - go Jigsy and Kate!
Whoopi (Parson Russell) 03/13/2003 - 04/02/2008
Meadowlake Jitterbug MX MXJ MAD
  • 2006 Grand Prix Finalist 6th Place
  • She was a little Parson Russell that wants to run with the big dogs. She was built for speed (and pogo jumping) and she wants to do it all. what more could I ask for?

Shooter (Border Terrier) 04/14/1994-01/31/2010
Bronze ADCh MACH 3 NATCH Ch. Freilance Shooting Star JE Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award 2005
  • 2001 AKC Agility Nationals High Scoring Terrier, 4th place overall in the 16’’ class.
  • 1999 AKC Agility Nationals High Scoring Terrier.
  • 1997 NADAC National Grand Champion, Open Class, 16" height.
  • 1997-2000 - Only Border Terrier to make the USDAA top 10 list four years in a row.
Cadbury (Border Collie)
ADCh NATCh Freilance Furever Chocolate MX, MXJ, CD
  • 1996 24" NADAC Nationals Grand Champion.
  • 1996 30" USDAA Grand Prix Finalist.

Ranger (Australian Shepherd)
ADCh Freilance Gone Walk About MX, MXJ, EAC, EGC, EJC
  • 1998 AKC Nationals 3rd place. 1998 30" USDAA Grand Prix Finalist. 1996 NADAC Nationals 2nd place.
  • Ranger was a very difficult rescue that taught Sharon a great deal about dominant aggressive behavior.
Briar (Border Terrier)
Ch Krispin Briar Patch AAD EAC OJC OGC
  • 1994 USDAA Nationals 5th place Mini Division.