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2004 boston calendar terrier

Spring 2004

2004 Registration: begins Wednesday, October 29 at 7 a.m.
Via TelReg (Terrier Phone) and WebReg (StudentLink )

1. Your Program Plan:
In choosing courses you must follow the appropriate Program
Plan as contained in the Ways
& Means Manual. Any variation from your Program Plan requires
prior written approval from the Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs, Ruth
Freedman. or her designee. Speaking with your Faculty Advisor about
course selection is recommended but not required.

2. Planning: When
planning for courses use the Spring 2004 Class Schedule on line at bu/reg
(choose "class search") or the WebReg Planner function on
the StudentLink. In advance
of the official registration date, you can use the Planner to select,
adjust and save classes. Scroll down below your current schedule to
get to options for Spring. For those Main Campus students with summer
classes on your Program Plan, see the tentative list of summer classes,
attached, to assist in planning. For students selecting electives in
spring 2004 see the note on courses required for licensure.

3. Registration:
Please note that registration starts at 7 am. This may involve some
planning on your part if you are traveling or have other conflicts at
this time of day. Some sections will fill up early! Don’t forget to
register for Field Education (FE) if you have a field placement. New
students in continuing courses (HB and WP) will register for the same
section and instructor as you have in the fall semester.

4. Course Changes:
The Spring Course Schedule is subject to change and any changes made
after Oct. 14 will be posted in the Student Lounge and in the Student
Services hallway (Rooms 117). Check the boards frequently. Changes will
also be reflected on the Web, in the StudentLink ,
and on the Terrier Phone (Telreg). If you have used the Planner in the
Studentlink, changes made to the schedule could change the courses on
your plan. Please be aware of this!

5. Off-Campus Programs:
The NEMA (Tyngsboro, MA) and SEMA (N. Dartmouth and Cape Cod, MA) classes
for spring are listed in the same locations as noted above (see #2).
Charles River Campus students who would like to inquire about the NEMA
or SEMA courses should contact Dr. Eva
Havas. Asst. Dean, PartTime Programs, rm 102.

Heidi Maitland, Registration Administrator, [email protected] ,