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2005 calendar coated soft terrier wheaten

Proceeds benefit Wheaten Rescue

Walk your dog with a colorful nylon slip lead or standard clip leash. Made in the USA. Purchase for yourself. and as gifts for friends & family.

  • 3/8" Sturdy nylon rope stays soft & flexible in any weather.
  • 6-ft Standard Clip Leash: Solid brass swivel snap will not rust.
  • 6-ft British-style Slip Lead: Adjustable slide keeps the collar loop from slipping off yet releases slightly when the lead is in the relaxed position.

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British-style Slip Lead

Standard Clip Leash

Hunter Green • Royal Blue • Black • Purple

Our screen printed bags with artwork by Beth Babos are 100% recyclable and have the carrying capacity of 3-4 plastic bags. The material is water repellent and avoids odors and bacteria. The bag has a stabilizing base, wide handles, is light weight and folds flat for easy storage. Best of all, we've priced them so you can be multiples!

The bags make perfect Puppy Packs and will hold a bag of food, grooming tools, books, and toys for your new puppy buyers. Keep them in your car for trips to the grocery or just to keep items organized. They are perfect for gift bags – just add some colorful tissue and your gift will be wrapped with just the right Wheaten touch!

All profits from the sale of our Totes go to Wheaten health!

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2014 is Now available.

2009-2014 in C O L O R … Now Available

The eYearbook has arrived! The 2010-2014 Yearbooks are available in two formats, the print edition in full color and the new digital edition. For 2013-2014, the digital edition is a downloadable PDF while 2010-2012 are provided on CD. Years 2009-2014 are in full color on high quality, glossy paper. You asked – and we delivered. You do not want to miss it!

The Yearbook includes each year's Conformation Champions, Local and National Specialty results, Performance Titles, Top Ten Rankings, SCWTCA Award Winners, ROMs, and more. A great breeder tool as well as a nostalgic remembrance of a proud accomplishment.

NOTE: Years 1988-2008 are printed in black & white.

NOTE: Prices are provided for orders to US, to Canada, and elsewhere. For further questions, email.

Also Available: 2008-2012 only $10-20 (originally $100)

Order your very own copy of the SCWTCA National Specialty DVD. The weather was perfect, the dogs are easy to see — it's the best way to see what is happening in the breed today.
  • 2016 / Videographer: David Sardinha, Pineapple Studios
  • 2013-2015 / Videographer: ShowDogVideoPros
  • 2008-2012 / Filmed by Domino Video Company

NOTE: Obedience / Rally are not included.

NOTE: Price includes shipping to US only. For shipping elsewhere, request pricing via email to