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2006 border calendar terrier

November 4-5 (Fryazevo, Moscow Region) -9th Russian Multibread Quarry Team ContestThe biggest yearly hunting contest in artificial quarries was held. 12 teams from 9 russian cities were taking part in this championship, over 60 dogs (fox-terriers, german terriers, welsh terriers, border terriers, dachshunds) were fighting the foxes.

The Team winner was DINAMO - the team of dachshunds. the 2nd was mixed team from ATAMAN club, 3rd - CHAMPION mixed team (Ranger club by Godovanik)).

The Absolute winner was dachshund VZHIK (owner Rebrova),DINAMO team

  • April 30, 2006 at the club ATAMAN training field station The 6th Russian Fox Terrier Hunting Chmpionship was held .
  • The SFT winner on international quarry was TISHKA (owner Baranova)
  • The SFT winner on national quarry was NIKITA (owner Ivanov)
  • The Team Winner was "NORNAYA OKHOTA" club (owner V. Ivanov )
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  • May 8-9, 2005 at CHAPAEVKA (Nornaya Okhota Training field station) was held the Moscow Inter-regional Championshop of Smooth Fox Terriers .
  • The winner was BAKS (owner Patatuev) Moscow
  • 2-nd - SBASTIAN (owner Scherbakov) St-Petersburg
  • 3-rd SUSAN (owner Kolpakov) Tver
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