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2006 calendar mini puppy terrier wall yorkshire

I think each sex has their own special uniqueness. Being that I am more familiar with the male side because my female is only 9-weeks from what I have heard the males are much more affectionate, loving and cuddly but I know there are exceptions. From what I have learned of my little Morgan she is more of an adventure seeker and not much into me holding her but she is still a pup. I am sure you will get lots of responses and the best of luck to you in finding the most suitable pet for you and your family.

Courtney Bailey Morgan


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i have always had boy dogs (not all yorkies) and I love them. THey are crazy as puppies but seem to really relate well with the owner. My brother's dog, a bichon male, is an active member in the family- run of the house- but very calm. You can really talk to him. haha He's insanely smart. My little boy yorkie is hyper, but very smart and sweet. He hasn't marked, doesn't hump anymore, completely potty trained, and knows so many great tricks (basic and then some fun ones). My mom had a female mutt and she said her dog was the best dog in the world- lol that may just be biased..but who knows? I think it has a lot to do with personality, dominance, and basic training. I think every pup is perfect for a certain person! GOodluck.

P.S I also heard that males were harder to train. I told a lady at my work that I was getting a yorkie male and she questioned my patience! haha She said I was crazy for getting a boy! I guess it all depends!