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2007 artlist calendar collection dog terrier yorkshire

Exhibition, Rabley Contemporary, West Gallery

‘We are not to tell nature what she’s gotta be. … She's always got better imagination than we have.’ Richard Feynman

Fragile flora are covered with protective environments – each luminous and held in the surface of print and watercolour. Jones’ images play with the balance of botanical history and the metaphors of a fragile world.

Sara relocated from her London studio to the rural environs of Home Farm and Rabley Drawing Centre to be Artist-in Residence 2013, spending time in the landscape each month. During this year she has become intimately bound to the landscape around her. Through drawing, print and film, her images are a response to the ephemeral nature of landscape and question our emotional and physical relationship to an evolving exterior space.

Glass and Ceramic Installation

10 March - 12 April 2014

Rosa Nguyen's ceramic and glass objects explore natural elements and organic forms with a fusion of western and oriental sensibilities. Her work ranges from unique objects to site-specific installations.

Elisabeth FRINK
William SCOTT

A rare opportunity to enjoy these desirable tapestries from the best names in Modern British Art. Ethically made to the highest quality hand- knotting gives the woolen surface of each artwork unique qualities reflecting the light and colour to dramatic effect. The tapestries are for sale in limited editions with certificates of authenticity.Recently two new tapestries have been added to this illustrious collection: Craigie Aitchison ‘Blue Bird, Yellow Landscape’ and the seminal motif of a ‘Red Bedlington Terrier’ completed after the artist’s death and exhibited here for the first time.

Abstract landscape drawings from Oldbury Castle and the Cherhill Downs. Sculpture using both Wiltshire limestone and Carrara marble.

In stone, Harrisson carves simple forms of purity. The geology of each material pushes the surface: sedimentary stone from the Vale of Wardour and Carrara marble are forged together into contemporary Menhirs. The Carrara marble was a gift from the Barbara Hepworth Estate. The sculptures were installed in the gallery and nearby farm buildings.

A collection of shallow dishes by Joanna Still.

Still’s signature ceramics are thrown, turned, fired and smoked to produce a finish of subtle hues with organic marked surfaces. The smoke firing technique where polished pots are starved of oxygen at a low temperature to induce a dark smoky surface is widely used by traditional makers as an alternative to glaze in many cultures.

In Rielly’s watercolours humour teeters on the edge of darkness in images of boys in cowboy dress and masks, rabbits drinking beer and a grey haired woman filling jam jars with blood.

West Country trained artist James Reilly’s latest watercolours on show for the first time at Rabley Barn. Having originally trained at Cheltenham College of Arts, Reilly was included in the infamous “Sensation” exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1997. “Sensation” also
featured works by Damien Hurst, Tracey Emin and the Chapman Brothers.