Who are you guys?

2007 border calendar slimline terrier

Allyson Rosenthal has been a volunteer at Heartland for over 2 years and we don’t know what we would do without her. Not only does she spend her entire Tuesday with us every week, but she cares for the dogs with such love and dedication! Allyson also helps us at different events, training, and is part of our Dog Care Committee. For all these things and more, we are honored to have Allyson as our “Heartland Hero” for October 2011!

When asked how Allyson first heard about Heartland Animal Shelter, and when she started to volunteer, she replied, “I started volunteering at Heartland in February 2009, a couple of months after I moved back to Wilmette from Wisconsin, where I had been living and working. I wanted to become more active in the community, and since I love animals, exercising, and being outside, I thought volunteering to walk dogs at a shelter would be perfect. I remembered being in Borders the previous winter and seeing a gift-wrapping table with a Heartland banner. One nice lady at the table gave me a Heartland brochure, and when I found it in my desk drawer over a year later, I thought it was a sign. I sent an email about volunteering and the rest is history! “

Even though there are many reasons to love Heartland, we asked Allyson what some of her favorite things are about volunteering.

“There are so many things I love about volunteering at Heartland. When one of our long-term canine residents finds his or her forever home, I am in a good mood for days. I love working with the bigger dogs because it can take longer for them to find a home, but it is the best and most gratifying feeling when they do. I still get a big smile on my face when I think of Dixie, Boscoe, Buddee, Falkor, Guinness, Reed, and Heinz, to name a few. I especially love those days where I know I’ve really tired the big guys out, because I will put them back in their kennels and see them napping happily a few minutes later. I am also grateful for how much these dogs have taught me about patience, forgiveness, and resilience. And I love being outside all morning and afternoon every Tuesday, rain or shine—it is good for the mind and body! Last but not least, I have made some great human friends here at Heartland, and I am very thankful to have met such special people.”

When Allyson is not at Heartland and sharing her time with our animals, she shares her home with many pets. “I am also lucky to have met two of my three dogs while volunteering at Heartland, and luckier, still, to have convinced my parents to take them in! We adopted a black lab mix, Ringo (formerly D.Lee), in November of 2009, and a basset hound/shepherd mix named Lily (formerly Anza) in November 2010. We got our corgi/collie Elvis from Orphans of the Storm in 2008. I also have a fifteen year-old cat named Boomer who thinks he is a dog, and whose favorite pastime is licking my computer screen while I’m trying to do schoolwork.”

Allyson also shares, “I am at Heartland every Tuesday without fail, and I try to come for a couple of hours on Thursday or Friday as well. But when I’m not at the shelter, I tutor second graders in an after school program through a nonprofit called Horizons for Youth. I am also still a student myself, but I schedule my classes around my Heartland time.”

Even though Allyson’s mind is most likely always on Heartland and our canine residents, she shares what she likes to do outside the shelter. “I like to save my money and then spend it all traveling, but when I’m home in Wilmette (which is most of the time), I enjoy seeing a good movie or discovering a good TV series, going to plays with my mom, and going out in the city with friends. I also read a lot, for school and pleasure.”

Allyson, for all these things and more, for all you do for our animals, and from the bottom of our hearts……

Sharon White and Verna Dutton are one of our few mother-daughter volunteer

teams at Heartland. For over three years they have helped to take care of our

animals here at Heartland. Not only do they come in and help to clean our

main cat room and kitten room, but they are also two of our wonderful foster

parents who have spent countless hours being foster parents for our Heartland

Kittens. They are two of the most dedicated volunteers we know and we are

very honored to have Sharon White and Verna Dutton as our December

Sharon started volunteering about three years ago when two friends of hers

were fostering puppies for Heartland. “We went over to see the puppies

and after that I went a couple times a week at lunch to clean up and hold

them so they wouldn’t have to come home from work every day. When they

told me about Heartland, I had never heard of it, but I was thrilled that is was

so close to home!” Sharon recalls.

Verna, her mother, started volunteering when she heard from Sharon that we

really needed help in the main cat room washing dishes. From there Sharon

and Verna not only helped to take care of our cats, but they became foster

mommies for our kittens that were too young to be at the shelter.

When asked what their favorite parts about volunteering are, Sharon says,

“It’s hard for me to pick out one favorite thing that I like about Heartland. At first I was excited because I could actually have these wonderful kittens in my home, witness their birth, and help take care of them, as well as having so much hands-on at the shelter with the kittens and adult cats as well. I enjoy the challenge of cleaning up the cat room in the morning. I will never figure out how they make such a mess in 24 hours, but it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when it’s done. The added blessing has been the volunteers I work with. As one of them says, ‘Our group is a well-oiled machine!’ and quite often know what somebody else needs before they ask. Fun conversations and a focused goal!”

Verna enjoys “Fostering the kittens. I found that having two at a time is even better than one!”

Sharon and Verna are two of our volunteers that give and love more than anyone could ever hope for. While the staff at Heartland cannot thank our volunteers enough for all their hard work, Sharon shares what she feels about Heartland.

“I have been SO impressed with the staff of Heartland and the love and devotion they have for all the animals. I work with the cats and have seen staff and volunteers go to great lengths for these little ones. They have been available for my questions and ready with medicine and directions for my fosters. The support team of other volunteers is great as well.”

Sharon, like so many other volunteers, shares her home with a some Heartland Alums!

“Our home is shared with ‘Jake’ (formally known as ‘Dan The Man’ at Heartland) Jake is a Golden Retriever and we adopted him as a senior dog. We lost a Golden one year earlier and were not actively looking for another dog. The chance of a Golden showing up at Heartland was slim at best (so I thought!). We adopted Jake eight months ago and he is perfect in every way. He ‘fits like a glove’ into our family. We’ve decided whatever his history, he likes the time with us the best! We also have a cat named Peanut (aka Booger-depending on her mood). She was a foster kitten from Heartland, now she is ours! At this time, our house is also shared with a foster family, a mother cat and four kittens.

Verna shares that she used to have a dog, then a cat, “Now our pets are those we foster from Heartland” Verna says.

When they are not busy volunteering at Heartland Sharon and Verna enjoy a variety of activities.

“I really love the relationships in my life and any time spent with my friends and family. Also, shopping with my daughters and any family time we can squeeze in now that they are older. I love to walk and enjoy the outdoors. My husband and I love to hang out together, take walks and take Jake for car rides. A part-time job and church activities fill my time as well.” Sharon says.

Verna enjoys “The spider game on the computer, reading books, going to the health club, and visiting children and grandchildren.”

We really appreciate all that Sharon and Verna have done for Heartland and their countless hours of volunteering and dedication!

From the bottom of our hearts, from everyone at Heartland - THANK YOU.

Perry has been volunteering for about 2 years here at Heartland and she is one of those volunteers that really puts her heart into helping. She comes in every Monday, Wednesday, and is also willing to come in any other day she’s needed. She is usually the first volunteer in and the last to leave in the morning. She always has a smile on her face and really works hard as a team player to make sure the cats and kittens are all cared for. For all these things and more, we are honored to have Perry as our “Heartland Hero” for September.

This is Perry’s experience at Heartland…in her own words. I started at Heartland in the fall of 2009 after researching shelters on the Internet. I had just closed my company after 25 years and needed to find something fulfilling. I love travel, reading, gardening and projects like furniture refinishing or even minor construction, but that was not enough. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother feeding baby bunnies with an eyedropper or trudging through three feet of snow to feed the birds and put peanut butter on the trees for the squirrels. Coming from a family that was very pet and stray oriented, I had always wanted to work with animals. I had thought about other shelters but after visiting Heartland, I knew it was the one. Originally, I had planned to work with dogs.

I had always had dogs since I was a child. My current German Shepherd was very old and I knew she wouldn't live long. I also knew that when she died it would leave a huge hole in my life. As fate would have it, at that time, Heartland didn't need kennel help as much as cat room help, so I started in a whole new direction. At first I was a little intimidated. I knew how to handle a ninety pound dog but a twelve pound cat could really shake me up. With help from all the wonderful people I have met at Heartland, soon I was looking forward to Monday and Wednesday mornings and seeing all my furry friends.

I love arriving first thing in the morning to help with the feeding. When the shelter first opens for cleaning, the cats are lined up in the cat room window and on the counter top. They are meowing for breakfast and all their little mouths are moving in unison. That always makes me laugh. I also really enjoy working with the other volunteers. I think we all enjoy how the cats start relaxing as the cleaning progresses and there is always time for a little cat cuddling. By the time the cat rooms are cleaned, the cats are full of food, mellow and most of them are playing or asleep. It really gives us a warm feeling.

Now, after almost two years, I couldn't enjoy it more. In fact, I fell in love with all the cats and have now taken two of them home with me. First came Baylis, who is a little hyper and definitely a lover. He follows me around and talks, talks, talks! Originally he was thought to be a "one cat only" pet but when we found Pye Wackett (formerly Jaydn) we knew it would be a match. She is sweet and quiet and when Baylis is all wound up, she looks at him like he is crazy. Even though they are not openly affectionate to each other, where you find one, the other is never far behind. I am just sorry I can't take all of them home. In fact, even though nothing could be nicer than when a cat is adopted, I know all the volunteers feel like we have said good bye to a friend.

It is not uncommon for us to reminisce about a cat who has found not only a new home but a special place in our hearts. If there are one hundred cats looking for a home, there are one hundred different personalities. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but you love each and every one.

For all this and more, from the bottom of our hearts…. Thank you Perry!

Ian helps socialize with the dogs on Monday nights in the kennel and also helps to support Heartland in everything we do. For all these things and more we are honored to have Ian Shorr Volunteer at Heartland Animal Shelter!

Ian started volunteering at Heartland around 4 years ago in August/September of 2007. When we asked Ian how he first heard about Heartland Animal Shelter, he said. “I actually learned about Heartland while running errands at Golf Mill’s mall. Due to my wife’s allergies after my husky passed we decided not to get another dog. One of the volunteers at Golf Mill suggested I go to one of the volunteer orientation classes.” So this way Ian could still be around dogs, without having to worry about his wife and her allergies.

Everyone at Heartland always has a favorite part about volunteering and being here, it’s hard not to with so many loving cat and dog faces. When we asked Ian was his favorite part of volunteering was, he said, “My favorite part of volunteering is at the end of the night when all the dogs are quiet….to me it’s their way of saying ‘Thanks’. I also like working with dogs that need help with their socialization skills. It is very rewarding to see those guys find forever homes.”

Ian also shares a favorite memory, “I have a few favorite memories. The first one that comes to mind is Houdini, the German Shepherd, finding his original family….That if just amazing.”

Ian also explains another favorite part of volunteering at Heartland.

“Another thing that I am grateful to Heartland for is it has opened me up to so many breeds and mutts. My first dog was a husky who passed away shortly before I started volunteering at Heartland. I couldn’t imagine getting anything except a large dog. Well last fall my wife and I got our first Chihuahua (“Gracie”) from Heartland and soon will adopt our second Chihuahua (“Pinkie”, soon to be renamed “Pippa”) Even though Gracie is only seven pounds I’ll still take her for hikes in the forest preserves and even running.

When Ian is not at Heartland or busy with a family commitment, he enjoys staying busy outdoors. He likes hiking, camping, and photography. “Also for the past few years I have also been studying Krav Maga, reality based self defense,” Ian says.

We really appreciate all that Ian has done for Heartland, most recently helping to trim all the trees in the dog walking yard so that the dog walkers have some more room. For all of his countless hours of volunteering and dedication….

From the bottom of our hearts Ian- THANK YOU.

Samantha Kaderabek is one of our terrific volunteers at Heartland Animal Shelter. When she is not working full time at Underwriters Laboratories and going to grad school part time at Roosevelt University for history, she is volunteering in the cat room, working as an adoption counselor, and helping with events.

As busy as Samantha is, Heartland was fortunate to have Samantha start volunteering with us in August 2009 after searching for a second cat online and coming to the shelter to find one.

Samantha adopted Mr. Milo, a black seven year old cat, who had been caged for five months since he didn’t get along with other cats. When he went home with Samantha, he purred for days because he was so happy. “Milo plays like a kitten and gets into mischief, but he makes me laugh and is always there for a cuddle.”

Samantha shares some things that she likes about volunteering at Heartland Animal Shelter. “Spending time with the special needs and sick cats and having them purr, even though they don’t feel well, is very gratifying. Other things that I like about volunteering are: playing with the dogs outside, matching the right adopters to the right animals, counseling adopters on cat care and behavior, and bonding with other volunteers about our experiences and pets.”

“One of my favorite memories from volunteering at Heartland was being able to take Scruffie to the 2010 Gala. Scruffie was the best dog in the world, but kind of sickly, so I had to carry him most of the time while we were at the event and he was such an angel. He put up with the hat and tie on him the whole time – it was hilarious. I would have loved to adopt him, but knew I couldn’t give him the time and attention he needed. I miss Scruffie, but loved it when his adopter brought him back to the shelter and he was so happy and had gained so much healthy weight. The special cases are usually the best animals.”

The reason that Samantha is at the shelter can be summed up in one story. “A woman was adopting a black collie that had been in foster care and was healing from being hit by a car. The dog had patches of fur missing, walked with a limp, and had visible wounds that were still healing. The adult daughter of the woman told me that she had lost her husband less than a year before and was having trouble moving forward and that she really needed this dog. During the adoption, the woman said, ‘I don’t know how you can work here with all these abandoned animals.’ I told her that it’s wonderful because I get to see animals going home with good people like her. I let her know how impressed I was that she was willing to take on a special needs dog and she said to me (warning: this is really sappy!), with tears in her eyes, ‘We’ll heal together.’ Those types of experiences let me know that we’re making a much bigger impact that we can even imagine.”

Samantha, not only shares her home with Milo. but with her ten-year-old tabby, Molly. “She’s my sweet girl who is very independent, but meows really loudly and high-pitched when she wants me to sit on the couch so she can curl up on my lap.”

When Samantha is not working, going to school, or helping out at the shelter, she likes to do history-related activities, like Civil Wear re-enactments, or museum visits, and also likes t.v. movies, and yoga.

We are privileged to have Samantha join our volunteer team at Heartland and thankful that she gives so much!

From the bottom of our hearts Samantha…. T H A N K Y O U.

Marlene has been coming in to help Heartland as a volunteer since September of 2009. Marlene comes in and helps in the kennel, cleaning cages, walking dogs, or whatever task we ask her to do, no matter how big or small. She is one of those volunteers that you can always count on….no matter what! This was especially true on those days when the weather was so bad we didn’t think anyone would show up to help….nope, not Marlene; she was here rain or shine. She would come in on the 100 degree days of summer to the 20 below days this winter, and always with a smile on her face!

When Marlene moved here, she had some extra free time and knew that she wanted to help animals by volunteering at a local shelter. After visiting several shelters, that weren’t the best fit for her, Marlene met Stephanie at the Arlington Park Pet Expo and decided that Heartland sounded like a place that she would definitely be interested in volunteering at!

We couldn’t do it without the help of volunteers like Marlene, and we enjoy when they tell us their favorite parts about volunteering at Heartland! She shares that one of her favorite parts is the time she gets to spend interacting and socializing with the dogs. She also loves the comradery that she has with fellow volunteers as well as with the Heartland staff.

“It is so nice to be able to spend time with people who share the same interests as her,” Marlene says.

Marlene shares her home with 2 pets and jokes that she is owned by two terrific dogs! Bailey is an 8 year old Labradoodle and Freddie is a 4 year old Rat Terrier mix who was rescued as a puppy.

In addition to taking them to dog parks and playing with them, she loves to spend her free time reading, gardening and visiting with her friends and family. Marlene also loves traveling to Philadelphia to visit her 1 year old grandson as well as the rest of her family who lives there.

Marlene will be missed greatly when she leaves to move to the southern part of the US later this month and we wanted to take the time to honor her as a Heartland Hero.

Thank you Marlene, for all of your dedication, time, and love that you devoted to all of the animals waiting to find their forever homes at Heartland!

You can normally find Lorry at the shelter on Thursday evenings greeting the public or answering the phone. However, Lorry does so much more; from helping out all potential adopters and volunteers, to helping out at a variety of adoption events, or fundraisers. Lorry helps with so many things around the shelter and is such a joy to have here. For all this and more we cannot thank Lorry enough or put it into words.

So, below Lorry has written in her own words her experience at Heartland……

I’ve been volunteering at Heartland for over five years. As I got closer to retiring, I began thinking about what I wanted to do. I decided I would volunteer at an animal shelter when a co-worker of mine suggested I try the shelter she volunteered for. Somehow the procedure she told me about didn’t appeal to me. One day I walked into Carson’s where two volunteers from Heartland greeted me. They were anxious to tell me all about Heartland and the next thing I knew I was attending an orientation meeting and I was hooked. I started working at the Golf Mill store on the weekends.

I’ve always loved dogs and cats and grew up with dogs. In fact, I thought about becoming a vet when I was a teenager. But I finally admitted that I just wasn’t tough enough to experience the emotional side of being a vet. Now I can enjoy the best parts of volunteering at Heartland. My favorite times are when I can say thank you and congratulations to an adopter and adopting family as they leave the shelter with a new family member. My other favorite time is when an animal goes to their forever home after being at the shelter for a long time. Being at the front desk, I try to let visitors know that Heartland is a friendly and inviting place to look for that new family member. On the phone, I can let people know that we care about the animal they’re grieving for or the stray cat or kittens they care about and want us to take.

There are always fun times at Heartland. One of them occurred when Laura was looking for Bella. It was time for Bella’s weekly butt cleaning. Needless to say, Bella is not fond of that. We started looking for her and she was nowhere to be found. I went back to the front desk after looking for her for a long time and resumed checking phone messages. I went to reach for something at the back of the desk and there was Bella hiding in one of the cubby holes behind a hanging piece of paper. And recently when Falcor was found, we could have opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Everyone here that evening was so relieved and the good word spread through the shelter.

At home we have Mac. He’s a six-year-old cockapoo (we think). I first saw him when he was being walked out of Heartland the day after he was surrendered. I spent just a couple of minutes with him before we took him to an event and I spent two hours with him there. I said he’s got to be ours. Of course, I had to check with Spice who was our lady of the house at that time. She seemed to agree that we should bring him home and so did my husband. Mac now has a great line-up of tricks which includes crawling and bowing.

My family means a great deal to me and my husband, Allan. We have three children, their spouses, two grandsons and a granddaughter and my granddaughter’s yellow lab, Shadley. We love having everyone together at the house. I also enjoy traveling with a group of women that I graduated with from high school. We have taken several great trips together and are planning the next big one in January, 2012. It’s too soon to ask if someone can sub for me when I’m away.

For all this and more, from the bottom of our hearts- Thank You Lorry!

Debbie has been volunteering at Heartland since February of 2009. Debbie helps out every week back in the kennel with the dogs. She helps to clean, socialize the animals, and give baths to any dog that needs one. She is always willing to do whatever task is asked of her and is very dependable for that, Debbie, we thank you!

Debbie got started volunteering with Heartland because she went online, looking for a place to volunteer with animals, and found our shelter. She then met with Jenny, the volunteer coordinator at the time, and got started right away working at Heartland.

One of Debbie’s favorite parts of volunteering at Heartland is interacting with the dogs. “Getting them socialized for adoption,” Debbie says is also one of the reasons she like to volunteer. As we all know a very important part of volunteering is helping to socialize the animals so that they become more adoptable. Debbie really helps to make a difference in the lives of our homeless pets.

A fun memory that Debbie has at Heartland is “Playing ball and bathing Guinness! I’m glad he went to a good home.” Debbie says. As we all know certain animals here at Heartland really touch our hearts and make a lasting impression.

Currently Debbie does not share her home with any other animals.

“I had to put my 13 year old German Sheppard down in 2008. I’m still not ready….that’s why I volunteer to get my dog fix.” Like so many other volunteers at Heartland do, it is so hard to come to Heartland an not fall in love with our animals and spend so much time with them.

When Debbie is not volunteering at Heartland, she has a variety of activities she stays busy with. Some of those activities include watching college football, working out, and visiting friends that she hasn’t seen in a while. Debbie also helps other organizations with volunteer work.

“I also volunteer and teach religious education to first graders at St. Paul of the Cross.” Debbie includes.

Debbie is just one of the many volunteers we could not be without here at Heartland! Thanks for all you do to help our pets! We are so glad that you are part of the Heartland team!

From the bottom of our Hearts! - Thank you Debbie!

Debby helps every Tuesday as a volunteer in the cat room. Debby helps to clean and socialize the cats in the main cat room and is very dependable and thorough and we really appreciate all her help with everything she does. For all these things and more we are honored to have Debby Killion Volunteer at Heartland Animal Shelter! Debby started volunteering at Heartland in September 2008. She heard about Heartland animal shelter on Petfinder.

One of Debby’s favorite parts about volunteering at Heartland is “Getting to play with the cats and kittens.”

Also, like so many other volunteers, if they can’t have certain animals at home, they volunteer at Heartland in order to socialize with either cats or dogs. “My husband, Kevin, is allergic to cats so we can’t have a cat, but working at Heartland gives me my kitty fix.”

Even though she has no kitties at home, when Debby is not at Heartland she still has a few animals to go home to. Also, like so many other volunteers at Heartland, Debby has shelter animals that she has rescued.

“We have two shelter dogs. Zipper is 13, she is a German Shepard/Basset Hound mix. This is a wonderful combination. Very mellow until somebody comes to the door, then she gets very loud (not a really bad thing). Our other dog is 7 and she is a beagle/rat terrier mix. Both dogs are black and tan so most people think that Jade the little one is Zipper’s puppy.”

When Debby is not busy at Heartland she has a few hobbies that she enjoys doing.

“I LOVE gardening. I guess it’s not too surprising that I would like the you’re your hands dirty” type of gardening. I’m not into flower arranging. For the last two summers I have been growing some vegetables in the back yard and that has been very fun. I am currently the President of the Kenilworth Garden Arts Club”

We really appreciate all that Debby has done for Heartland and her countless hours of volunteering and dedication!

From the bottom of our hearts Karen- THANK YOU.

Karen helps to volunteer on Friday nights in the kennel and also helps to support

Heartland in everything we do. Karen helps socialize with the dogs, make sure

they get a good walk on Friday night, and works to make sure every dog will find

a forever home! For all these things and more we are honored to have Karen

Wikstrom Volunteer at Heartland Animal Shelter!

Karen started volunteering at Heartland around 5 years ago. We asked Karen how

she first heard about Heartland Animal Shelter. “I googled shelters on-line to try

and find one near me instead of driving into Chicago like I had been doing for 5

years……I phoned Heartland and believe Jenny answered and was so nice and

friendly and welcomed new volunteers any time I was available. I felt so good

talking to her that I registered right away for the orientation session and became

Everyone at Heartland always has a favorite part about volunteering and being

here, it’s hard not to with so many loving cat and dog faces. When asked what

her favorite part of volunteering was Karen said, “I like that the shelter is small

enough to get to know most of the animal’s names and personalities. I think this

way, the animals at Heartland get more personal attention and to me generally

seem very happy (not too stressed) and are very adoptable. I also like how the

staff knows your name and all the volunteers are very friendly with one another.

People adopting have made comments to me too that the people working at

Heartland were more friendly and helpful to them than any other shelter they

Karen also shares a good volunteer experience, “I really enjoy the look on

people’s faces when they find a pet they would like to adopt. I know how

happy I felt when I adopted Tanner and it’s nice to see that with other people

When Karen is not at Heartland enjoying some of her animal friends, she goes

home to a few animals of her own. “I have 3 cats and 1 dog all adopted from

shelters. My two male cats Kodie and Taylor were adopted as kittens and are

now 16yrs and 15yrs respectively. Kodie was such a shy kitten and I had to

confine him to the laundry room for a month when I first got him. I sat on the

floor talking to him and holding him every day until he trusted me enough. Now

he is my most affectionate cat! Taylor was a confident, bold little kitten who

helped Kodie, the shy one, come out of his shell more than I could alone. They are best buddies.”

She also has another cat, Carmen, who is 9 years old. “Carmen was also a kitten that I adopted after fostering a litter for the Anti-Cruelty Society and I just couldn’t bear to give them all back so my friend and I adopted each kitten. All three cats love each other.

Karen also has a Heartland Alumni, “My scruffy little dog is a Heartland Alumni. He is just so good, He’s approximately 6 years old and I adopted him 3 years ago. His name is Tanner and he’s a Maltese/Chihuahua mix but looks like a cairn terrier to me. Stephanie always says he looks like her dog, and he, of course, is the best dog ever! I was looking for a dog and had walked many, many dogs at Heartland, but something about Tanner just clicked immediately the first time I walked him and I just knew this was the one!”

When Karen is not at Heartland she “loves to be out in nature and enjoy taking long walks. I love sports too, but golf is the only one I play now, the rest I just watch on TV. I love to go on active adventure vacations like hiking at the Grand Canyon, or kayaking, or snorkeling in Costa Rica.

We really appreciate all that Karen has done for Heartland and her countless hours of volunteering and dedication!

From the bottom of our hearts Karen- THANK YOU.