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2007 cairn calendar terrier

Another set of CRUSA pups from MO

Here is another site from Andrea. This is another set of pups from MO. And I mean some are really pups!

Take a look at those faces---and the ears! Of course, the adult dogs--well, their eyes when they first come into rescue---they will touch you in your soul.

Please notice Jerry. He will be undergoing (if he did not already start) heartworm treatments.

You know that all the treatments for the dogs are expensive.

Keep your eyes peeled for some really exciting news from CRUSA yet this weekend!

Re: Another set of CRUSA pups from MO

Oh, how adorable, all of them! I can smell puppy breath right through the computer I am happy to share my name with such a cutie!

Re: Another set of CRUSA pups from MO

But until THAT news comes out, take a look at the fantastic calendar that features CAIRNS (of course).

Buy one, two or a dozen! they make great holiday gifts and the money helps us help the puppers!

Cairn Rescue USA 2007 Calendar

The link below is to our AWESOME 2007 Cairn Rescue USA calendar as well as to the story of Missy. Missy is a clear example of the difference that we can ALL make to the life of a mill dog. We rescued Missy the day after Thanksgiving in 2005. Missy is still in foster care recovering from EIGHT YEARS of suffering at the mill. Poor thing looks like a martian in the first photo, who would have guessed that she was the good looking cairn that she is now. Missy is in foster care in MD and is available for adoption and is a very sweet girl. Now she even plays with toys!

100% of the profits from the sale of these calendars will go to help dogs like Missy. And if you have adopted from us, your dog will be in the calendar as this calendar will have all dogs adopted from CRUSA to 8/31/06!