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2007 calendar puppy terrier wall yorkshire

As far as the "why", 3 possible explanations come to mind. First (and most likely) is boredom. Boredom is the number 1 cause for destructive behavior in dogs.

Second, perhaps your pup isn't getting her chewing needs met. You might want to have more chew toys and bones around. Kibble is better than canned food for meeting this need and doing things to prolong their meals helps also. Things like toys that make them work to get to their food or simply scattering their kibble so that they have to hunt for it. These 2 things also help alleviate boredom.

Third, if you pup is isolated away from you when this behavior occurs, it may be that separation anxiety is becoming an issue.

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Mine quit, after the clear deoderant was applied. She'd look for spots that didn't have it, and start up there. clear deoderant is cheap. so its all over my kitchen now, lol.

Venus quit seemed after that, or maybe she's out of the chewing stage, I'm really not sure. She's now 14 months..

I had to re-sand and paint my NEW baseboards that were put down just 2 months before I got her.

She chewed a hole in my lenolium floor. I've yet to figure out how she managed that! Now I have ceramic in the kitchen. So far, she hasn't managed to ruin it (yet)..

She ruined the living room floor with pee. I have ceramic there and down the hall now. I used several things to try to get the smell out of carpet. but she'd always go back to the same place.

I keep trying once in a while to put my throw rugs back down. Each time I try, she pees on them. So to the washer and back up for a few more months.

So the good news, they do outgrow it. But not before you have some damage on your hands.