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2011 boston terrier calendar

The Photo of the Week Calendar is a collection of Boston Terrier Photographs featured on LittleBeasts. Each month showcases four *sometimes five* photographs and their captions. This calendar makes a great gift for the Boston Terrier addict in your life and will be available for purchase all year.

All the proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit Boston Terrier Rescue.
This year we will be donating the profit from the Calendar sales to Boston Terrier Rescue Net (BTRN) & BTHaven .

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the making of these calendars!
Thanks to everyone who generously shared their photos with us for the calendar!

Thanks to all the hardworking & slightly demented (but in the best way) captioners who worked hard submitting captions all year.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo of their Bostons & said "hi!" to us throughout the year! Your photos cheer us daily! We wish we could feature all of them!

Lola’s Person Eileen
Angus’s Person Miriel
Galia, Branti & Sarn’s Person Vera
Mattie & Phoebe’s Person Karen

Galia’s Person Vera
Jelly & Char’s Person Betsey
Gracie Mae’s Person Tina
Beanie’s Person AJ

Lucy & Brady’s Person Kathie
Toby’s Person Dan
Vinny’s Person Kat
Pulque's Person Marina

Leo & Lucy’s People Jared & Andrea
Ozzie’s Person Chris
Rupert’s Person Rachael

George’s Person Teri
Abby’s Person Kristin
Boo Boo & Kissa’s Person Stacy
Tank’s Person Penny

Abby’s Person Kristin
Howie’s People Kevin & Amanda
Oswald’s Person Rob
Mica’s Person Kendall

Tucker & Pouncy’s People Becky & Kevin
Rizzo’s Person Kris
Tyson’s Person Monique
Jelly & char’s Person Betsy

Ivan’s Person Jess
Lilo’s Person Katie
Scooby’s Person Jayson
Lucy Amena Marie’s Person Tammy

Ivan’s Person Jess
Emmie’s Person
Lexi’s Person David
Marley’s Person Andrea

Brie’s Person Robin
Jelly & Belle’s Person Steph
Jenny’s People Margaret & Thomas
Charlie’s Person Shauna

Will’s People Margaret & Thomas
Brie’s Person Robin
Sophia’s Person Lori & her friend Shele
Charlie’s person Shauna

George’s People Suzanne & George
Mica’s Person Kendall
Kali & Coco’s Person Caroline
Jake’s Person Kati

Dedicated to the love & joy we share with these special friends and to those dear friends
who have gone ahead on their path and leave us with memories, love & laughter until we catch up.