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A&m boston terriers

Boston Terriers are so cute. But you know that already. What you may not know are the items above, in the photos. Click through the gallery to see these Boston Terrier characteristics, from Donna Farmer, president of the Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue .

Boston Terriers were originally bred from English bulldog and English white terriers, which no long exist, in the late 1860s. Later on, French bulldogs were bred with them to make the dog look like it does today. They've been recognized by the American Kennel Club since 1893, but while they're called terriers, they are categorized as "non sporting."

These pups do well in various settings: Apartments, houses, farms. They're great outdoors, but when it's really hot, keep an eye on them. They have trouble in extreme temperatures.

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Of course, Boston Terriers are the official state dog of Massachusetts. Yeah, I guest they're Yankee dogs. But they are all-American. One of the few dog breeds that are American. Check this out.

There is actually a Boston Terrier museum. of all places, in Texas, about as far away from Massachusetts, on so many levels, as one can get.

Helen Keller, Joan Rivers and other celebrities have owned Bostons. Heck, even I have a few friends who own them.

As one of my friends said, they're perfect for a formal occasion. They own their own tuxedo. Add a bow and a tie, and you're ready to go.

Boston is a great city. It's also a great terrier.

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