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Accessories for scottish terriers

Our standard Tartan Scottie collar adjusts in length from 10 to 16 inches and the mylar clasp makes putting on and taking off a snap. Wash collars in cold water by hand or machine and drip dry. Sizes other than 10-16 inch are easily done by special order. Special order collars $14.50.
Kilmaurs collar shown with a kindness token (available separately)

Our standard Tartan Scottie leash is 6 feet long but leashes can easily be made in any other length by special order. Special order leashes are priced according to length. A bonus with every leash is our exclusive Poop Pouch ©. Each nylon Poop Pouch © securely velcros to the back side of the leash and is perfect for carrying plastic bags or tissues to use in picking up after your dog. Wash leashes in cold water by hand or machine and drip dry.

Tartan Scottie harnesses can be made in any size based on the measurement around the fullest part of your dog's chest behind the front legs. Our standard size, that fits most Scotties, adjusts from 18-26 inches. Other sizes are available by special order and priced according to size. Wash harnesses in cold water by hand or machine and drip dry.

Tartan Scottie Kindness Tokens for collar and/or pocket $3.00/each

Inspired by an act of unexpected kindness from a stranger, our original design, solid cast pewter Kindness Token © for your dog's collar or your pocket is more than a bangle. The kindness token expresses your profound wish for every much loved dog and every loving dog owner at all times, under every circumstance: "Angels of kindness be with you."

Kindness tokens are also available without the collar loop to carry in pocket or purse to keep you in touch with the dogs in your life. Each token worn or carried reminds all day and every day of a little Scottie kindness to celebrate in your life.

A perfect accessory for your Tartan Scottie plaid collars. A great gift for any dog, or as a quiet kindness to a bereaved friend or to say thank you for a kindness shown.

Solid cast pewter. Actual size slightly larger than U.S. quarter. All tokens have raised Scottie on one side and text Angels of Kindness Be With You. on the other side.

Packet of 3 tokens (1 with collar loop, 2 without loop for you and a friend) $7.50

Safety Lanyards $20.50

Make sure your dog walks don't turn into a walk on the wild side. Be prepared for aggressive dogs or questionable humans. Tartan Scottie Dog Walk Safety Lanyards are lightweight (only 3 ounces) and come with a detachable pepper spray and a shrill S.O.S. whistle should you ever need to signal for help. Lanyards are available in 5/8 inch width nylon webbing with your choice of any of our plaid polyester ribbons. Care for your Tartan Scottie safety lanyard is easy. Simply remove the pepper spray canister & whistle and wash in cold water by hand or machine and drip dry. NOTE; State laws in NY & MA prohibit mail order sale of pepper spray. Lanyards are available with whistle only for $13.50

Note: A 10% discount will be calculated off your order of the 6 or more Collars, Leashes or Harnesses (in any combination). The discount will be calculated and and sent to you with your email confirmation!

Note: 5/8th lengths are a specialty item so there is an additonal $2.00 added to the cost for all 5/8 " Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses.