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Henry III, king of England
Henry's elephant was a present from Louis of France in 1255
and was kept in a specially designed elephant house.
His leopard and camel were gifts from Frederick II
of the Holy Roman Empire.
He also had a white bear .

Mary, Queen of Scots. was born in 1542
and was executed in 1587.
She developed a love of animals - especially dogs.
Mary's execution was a curious affair.
Underneath her skirt, a small dog, a Skye terrier, was seen.
Mary had brought her dog to her own execution.

  • Queen's corgis"are fed fillet steaks and chicken breast cooked by a chef and covered with gravy poured by the monarch herself."
  • Lovingly prepared meals are delivered by a footman at 5pm sharp
  • They do not eat until the Queen herself has given the royal command
  • The claims have been made in a new book about the Royals and their pets

  • Queen Elizabeth's Corgis - PHOTOS
    "They are the Queen’s closest companions – so what’s it really like to be a regal pooch? Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith reveals…"

    • James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance
      See the Queen's corgis: from 0:52
    • The Queen's Corgi graveyard:
      Tiny headstones of Royal pets that spent years as 'loyal companions' pictured in quiet corner of Sandringham.

      • Plot is burial place of Her Majesty's first Corgi, Susan, an 18th birthday present from her father
      • Susan's descendants, Labradors and Cocker Spaniels are also buried here
      • Graveyard was created by Queen Victoria for her Collie Noble in 1887

      Dash (spaniel)
      – a King Charles Spaniel owned by Queen Victoria
      Victoria's biographer Elizabeth Longford. called him
      "the Queen's closest childhood companion".
      Dash died at the end of 1840, and was buried at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Home Park. A marble effigy was erected over the grave, bearing the inscription:

      • The Royal Corgi Escape
        "Oh no! The Queen's corgis have escaped from Buckingham Palace and are hiding in a host of famous London landmarks. Hop behind the wheel of a black cab and race across London in this board game that makes trivia and strategy match wits with some curious corgis."

    • How to draw… a corgi
      "To celebrate the Queen's official birthday, Steven Antony gives a lesson in drawing a very gorgeous corgi."

    • Queen and Corgi Maze
      "Can you help the Queen find her way to her favourite corgi, for this fun Hunt the Corgi maze?"