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Airdale terrier texas

We got Ginger in June 2016 and she has been such a blast! She has such a good temper, great with my 5 year old daughter and even the cat. She loves everyone she meets and the only time I have ever seen her get testy is when I was roughhousing with my little girl a little too hard one day. She is definitely the smartest dog I have ever had, and I just love her to pieces. Joy was so wonderful to work with and it really shows the love that she puts into these dogs. I am getting compliments on Ginger wherever we go on what a beautiful Airedale she is. She has received her AKC puppy star certification, and we are now in the next class. She is definitely the class clown! Thank you so much Joy- She is such a blessing to us.

Chelsea, Nevada, Missouri

From the moment we met Joy, Mike, and their family of Airedales, we knew we wanted to bring home one of the puppies born to Jake and Heidi. We were so impressed with the cleanliness of the puppy house and surrounding yards. Joy is a natural with animals and people and I knew she would only raise the best puppies. Jasper arrived at our home January 17, 2014. He is growing quickly and has the biggest feet. He keeps us busy as he explores his new world. Per the staff at his first vet visit, he was well behaved for a terrier and was fascinated by all the people and other dogs. He sleeps all night in his crate and loves to chase balls. He has also made friends with the city mule. The bigger the chew bone, the happier he is. He also loves treats, kisses, and looking at himself in the mirror.

My husband and I were searching for a smart and loveable breed of dog to enhance our retirement in Granbury, TX. We read about every breed featured in the DOG BIBLE (Kristin Mehus-Roe) and on the AKC website. We narrowed it down to the terrier family because we had always been taken with Asta, a wired hair terrier from The Thin Man series. I was in search of a small to medium sized lap dog. While Jim was in search of a large male companion. Jim was intrigued with the Airedale breed because of their bravery, intelligence, calm nature, and high rating. Also, the limited coat maintenance was appealing. My husband spent many years in Arkansas as a teenager so he was drawn to Coal Hill where his Dad's family is from. We contacted Joy Wilson via email and asked if we could see the new puppies to help us decide on the Airedale breed. A trip was quickly arranged and we soon met Joy, Mike, Heidi, and Jake, along with a litter of adorable puppies! Jim was hooked as soon as he met Jake at the Wilson's garden gate. We spent hours with the pups and their parents and knew that we could easily pick a dog companion.

Our pup, Jack, is 6 months old now. He wakes us up each morning with his yowl which means 'get up you lazy bums I need to pee!' We let him out front and he brings in our morning paper in his mouth. We take long walks with him, play ball, golf cart rides, and travels. He also goes to the pet spa for social play. We have deer around our property and Jack is friendly with a doe who he touches noses with through the fence. Jack helps the deer eat their corn and the birds eat their seed too.
I hope you will visit Joy and Mike and their lovely Airedales and make a wonderful canine choice like we did.

Patty, Granbury, Texas

Ollie was born January 11, 2012 and came to live with his new mommy (also named Heidi) on leap day, February 29, 2012. His favorite spot was the flower bed where he loved to dig and sleep. We have a 6 yr old Lab and although he out weighed Ollie by 90+ lbs, Ollie was never deterred. They fast became buddies. Ollie is a very unique dog and certainly has his own personality. This is evident when he’s awake as well as when he’s sleeping. To say Ollie enjoyed the Christmas snow is an understatement. HE LOVED IT! He met the groomer in preparation for his 1st birthday. She said most Terriers snap at her and others as they pass by. However, every time some came close to Ollie he tried to lick them to death!
Having been a Lab owner for many years I was skeptical of my wife wanting a terrier but she and Ollie proved me wrong. Ollie is highly intelligent and well behaved. We live in a busy neighborhood and spend a lot of time on the front porch. Ollie stays on the porch and in the yard even as other dogs walk by. If you are thinking of getting an Airedale I highly recommend it. Joy and Mike are wonderful folks and breed wonderful, healthy animals. We are blessed to have met them and to have Ollie in our lives.

Heidi, Little Rock

We picked up our new baby, Trapper, on October 10, 2012. Joy shipped him to Iowa for us, and I have to say that she made the shipping process extremely easy for us. When he arrived, he was a bit scared, but not for long! He came in a nice large crate, that was padded nicely and probably very comfortable for him. It was clear he had plenty of food and water for his journey. Joy even sent an extra bag of puppy food attached to the crate! I was very impressed. All the paperwork was nicely placed on top of the crate, and easy to sort through. Joy was great to work with and we kept in contact a lot throughout the process.

Trapper is now 4 months old, and has brought so much happiness to our family. He is smart and loves to please. He was pretty much house trained upon arrival, thanks to Joy's hard work and dedication to the puppies! Trapper already knows sit, down, stay, and come. He knows he is not allowed to charge through the door. He must sit and wait for me to tell him to go, preventing kids from being knocked down stairs. He has to sit and wait for me to put his food in front of him too. I have bathed him 3 times now with no fussing! And he lets me pick up his feet, open his mouth, etc. He is also excellent with my small children, in fact it's clear he loves them. He enjoys going on outdoor adventures with them!

Just as others have mentioned, my vet is always very impressed with him, and also made comments on how much time Joy must have spent with the puppies. He can't believe what a well behaved and great looking dog he is.

If you are looking for an Airedale, look no further than Joy's Airedales! We can't say thanks enough for such a great puppy!

Talaye, Story City, Iowa

My son Noah and Grace are definitely best friends and they do everything together. Noah insists on having Grace wake him up in the morning and refuses to get out of bed until she comes in there. Of course, this is never a problem. I tell Grace go wake Noah up and she runs across the house and jumps on his bed. They giggle all morning until time for school. Having Grace has been an absolute delight and she has really made our family a whole. She is amazing with Noah and is always doing something to make us laugh. Thank you so much!

We got our new baby on Friday October 19th, 2012. We picked her up from DIA (Denver International Airport) after a long flight. She did awesome, was a little shaky when we first met but she warmed up to us quickly. It has been a week since we have had her home and she has become fond of our 2 Chihuahua’s and the entire family. She loves to meet new people which she does just about every day, she is very friendly. Everyone in the neighborhood is so curious about our new addition, not sure what kind of puppy she is, they approach us and tell us how cute she is and inquire about her breed, proudly we all say, she is an Airedale! They love her long legs and how playful she is. She is starting to respond now when we call her name, she is very smart. She knows what toys are hers and which ones she should not have, but that does not stop her from picking up our daughter’s stuffed animals, as she is still a puppy! She is very tolerant with our children; she loves them and follows them around and is always willing to play. She already loves walks through our open space and walks the house as if she was born here! The whole process was very easy, from talking to Joy on the phone to picking Aerie up at the airport. We love our new addition and cannot thank Joy enough!

-Brandi, Englewood, Colorado

We recently took Bruno and River to the Vet. The Vet was very complimentary of you as a breeder. When he heard how large the brood was, he knew how much you had to be involved. The Vet credited your hard work, dedication to one-on-one attention for each pup, and your ability to have 13 pups so happy, healthy, and chubby. He said he has seen so many new puppies come into his practice very thin and sometimes bony. He loved their round bellies! Each pup was so well behaved and calm through their shots, examination, nail clipping and ear cleaning. He and his assistant were SO impressed! And we were SO proud! They are growing so fast and they seem so happy! WE LOVE THEM BOTH!!

-Marianne, Kansas City

We cannot thank you enough for Madison. She is truly the perfect addition to our family. Madison has such a huge personality. She is sweet, and caring and very motherly. Her favorite summer past time this year was to play in the sprinklers. When she goes outside she will chase the water all over the backyard for hours. Even on walks if someone else is watering the yard she wants to play in their sprinklers and good luck trying to stop her. We got her a doggie swimming pool, but we are still working on getting her in, she seems to think it is a huge water bowl and will only drink out of it. She loves her evening walks, we aren't sure if we are walking her or if she is walking us, but nonetheless we all have a great time. She loves to play with all the neighborhood children when she is out, they love to pet her and she is great with other people. She also loves other animals. Madison goes to Doggie Daycare when we are working and loves to play with all the other dogs. She loves the big dog room and the little dog room. The other dogs get so excited when she arrives, and when she leaves in the afternoon all her friends want to come with her. She loves to go to the Doggie Spa and get a bath and her hair cut. When we arrive she runs straight from the car to the door jumping up like crazy for us to let her in. She loves to travel and visit her Grannaw (my mom), she cuddles up with her and will play with her for hours, just mentioning that Grannaw is coming gets her so excited and she will go sit by the door and wait. She has two "brothers" Parker and Preston, our Lhasa Apso's they are small dogs but think they are Madison's size and Madison thinks she is a lap dog, like them, and will climb up on your lap in the chair or on the couch. She loves to play chase with them all over the house and backyard. Her favorite treat is anything she can get her paws on but she loves cut up baked chicken that she will steal off the counter when no one is looking! She is such a smart dog and knows how to sit, wait, and give hugs. She is truly special to us and we cannot even imagine what we would have done without her. We cannot thank you enough.

-Casey, Little Rock

We are proud to say we are Crazy for Airedales! We have had one beautiful girl, which has now lead us to our second one, named Dolly. Just as she was raised, from birth, with love and affection. that is what she gives back to us daily. She is smart, attentive, beautiful, healthy, playful, curious and so eager to please. There are not enough adjectives to describe how many wonderful characteristics she truly has. She comes from a mother and father with wonderful dispositions. We had no doubt she would be a good puppy. Joy and Mike do love their dogs! We have been blessed with one to love also.

Many thanks for our Dolly!

Thank you I am very proud of him. His vet said he has come from good breeding and is a beautiful dog. His vet owned an Airedale before he got married and had children. So when Max goes to the vet they have a big time. Max gets all excited when I pull up. He knows 10 commands and is very smart and obedient.