Who are you guys?

Airedale terrier asta

Yes, Friends, I'm pleased to announce the addition of a new semi-stray feline in my 'hood. A black and white spotted creature who resides in the construction site around the corner. She is currently being fed by some concerned humans, who leave tins of soft food and water for her each day. My interests in her are, of course, PURELY SELFISH--I just love harrassing her whenever possible, barking, growling, and causing her to sneak back into her hiding place. But hey, I can't help it! I'm a DOG!

Like so many other canines residing in urban neighborhoods across this Great Land of Ours, I generally find that my morning strolls center around one dominant theme: Where's the Kitty? Where's the Kitty? Where's the Kitty? And, in case that is not immediately and abundantly clear to you, Oh Dear Reader, let me just reiterate once again: WHERE'S THE KITTY.

That, Friends, is my news for the present. Please revisit My Journal again and again for Exciting News and Heart-Pounding Updates on All My Future Kitty Sightings!

With Warmest Wishes of Roasted Chicken,