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The Worst Breeds for Excessive Barking

The chart below, created by Benjamin and Lynette Hart, offers a rank-ordering of breeds by their tendency to engage in excessive barking. The list was taken from their wonderful little book The Perfect Puppy: How to Choose Your Dog by Its Behavior. Unfortunately, The Perfect Puppy is currently out of print.

People will often buy a breed of dog notorious for barking at everything that moves and then tell you with a straight face that it is not their fault that the perpetual rain of dog-related noise has destroyed your life. Get a clue. If you acquire a dog that is high on the trait of excessive barking, he is likely to bark excessively. Don't put your neighbors in the position of having to endure the consequences of your mistake. Before you get a dog, carefully study the chart showing breed tendencies toward excessive barking and remember, don't choose a dog with a strong predisposition to bark unless you are prepared to exert the energy necessary to hold the beast in check.

Hart's Rank Ordering of Excessive Barking by Breed

The Worst Breeds for Excessive Barking - Taken from The Perfect Puppy

#1 Rating: The least offensive barkers
Here at the top of the chart are listed
the breeds least likely to bark inappropriately .
As you move toward the bottom of the list, each
successive group is more likely to bark without
justification than was the group before.

Golden Retriever
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Austrlian Shepherd
Great Dane
Old English Sheepdog
Alaskan Malamute