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Airedale terrier breed standard uk

Group 3 Terriers.

Section 1 Large and medium sized Terriers.

Working trial optional.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The Airedale Terrier is a native of Great Britain, from the county of Yorkshire, it is reputed that the Airedale Show gave the breed its name. Many ‘Waterside Terriers’ from the valleys of the rivers Wharfe, Calder and Aire were exhibited at this show, making up a large entry. He is the largest of all the terrier breeds and encompasses all the characteristics of this group of dogs, he is also known as the King of Terriers. The Airedale Terrier has remarkable scenting powers and has been used in Africa, India and Canada for tracking, has aided the Red Cross in times of war and has seen service with police and in the armed forces of both Britain and Russia.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Largest of the Terriers, a muscular, active, fairly cobby dog, without suspicion of legginess or undue length of body.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Keen of expression, quick of movement, on the tiptoe of expectation at any movement. Character denoted and shown by expression of eyes, and by carriage of ears and erect tail. Outgoing and confident, friendly, courageous and intelligent. Alert at all times, not aggressive but fearless.

Well balanced, with no apparent difference in length between skull and foreface. Free from wrinkles.

Skull: Long and flat, not too broad between ears and narrowing slightly to eyes.