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Airedale terrier breeders western au

We have had an affaire with Airedales for over 20 years. Our Airedales are family first, enjoying the run of the house. I enjoy a day out showing our girl, Scout, whilst our boy Atticus spends some alone time with dad. Read More

When researching Airedale Terrier breeders in Western Australia, it is important to find out as much about them as possible to ensure that they are responsible, ethical, and have their dogs’ best interests at heart. Responsible Airedale Terrier breeders have the experience to give puppies the care and nurturing they need at critical early stages. This not only ensures you’ll have a healthy puppy, but that the puppy is much less likely to develop into a difficult adult.

Responsible Airedale Terrier breeders will answer your questions and share their knowledge with you. They’ll provide background about the Airedale Terrier breed and discuss the characteristics of the adult dog and whether it is suitable for your lifestyle.

A responsible Airedale Terrier breeder in Western Australia should provide you with a documented history of the puppy and should openly invite you to see one or both of the puppy’s parents. Airedale Terrier breeders will give you guidance about proper care and feeding, health issues and training. They are there to help you and will continue to provide information and support as your puppy grows into adulthood.

All ANKC registered breeders are bound by a strict Code of Ethics. covering responsible dog ownership and breeder responsibilities relating to the keeping, welfare, breeding and selling of dogs. This Code of Ethics ensures you a healthy, happy and well-adjusted puppy.

It’s good to have a breeder who has had many successful years of experience, but remember that everyone has to start somewhere. There is no problem buying from a less experienced Airedale Terrier breeder providing they are passionate and have a knowledgable mentor supporting them.

A responsible breeder will only allow a mother to have one litter per year. Be particularly diligent in your research if the breeder seems to always have puppies available. How many dogs do they own? Are they all given the attention and care that they deserve?

Such organisations usually have a code of ethics and practices that their members must adhere to, and will also provide breeders with support and advice.

A good Airedale Terrier breeder in Western Australia should have no shortage of people who are willing to sing their praises. If they have a Pawbase Breeder Profile, you will be able to see reviews from people who have dealt with them in the past. You can also view the profiles of their previous puppies to get a better idea of the dogs that they breed.

Ideally the breeder should raise their puppies inside their home to ensure that they are closely monitored and familiar with human contact. Raising pups inside the home isn’t always possible (especially with larger breeds), but every effort must be made to ensure that the puppies are comfortable, cared for and loved.

The first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life play a huge role in their development. Frequent exposure to home life during this phase will ensure that they are well socialised and comfortable around human activity. Regular contact with people is essential, while exposure to strangers and children is an added bonus.

The breeder should be able to show you evidence that the mother and father have been tested and are certified to have no genetic diseases associated with the Airedale Terrier breed. You can find out the common health issues associated with each breed in our Dog Breed Database .

“Yes” is the only acceptable answer to this question. A responsible Airedale Terrier breeder will be as concerned about your puppy’s health and wellbeing as you are.

A good Airedale Terrier breeder in Western Australia will offer you as much support as necessary while your pup is settling into your home. Ideally they should stay in touch with you throughout your dogs life. A responsible Airedale Terrier breeder should encourage you to contact them straight away if you are no longer able to care for it.

A Airedale Terrier breeder in Western Australia with nothing to hide should have no problem with you visiting the puppies and seeing the environment in which they are raised. You may not be able to meet the father when visiting, but you should ALWAYS be able to meet the mother. For those who live too far away, see if your breeder has any reviews on Pawbase from people who have visited the breeder previously.