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Airedale terrier club uk

Many of these links will benefit owners of Airedales and members of the Airedale Club of Victoria. It is suggested that a regular browse of them will keep you up to date. We cannot guarantee they will always be suitable and would appreciate your comments if any displease you.

  • Vet's All Natural
    Sponsors of the Airedale Terrier Club of Vic. Inc. A totally natural food for your dogs and cats.
  • Informs on dog age
    People often ask about the life span of an Airedale. This and other health information is available on this link
  • Facebook - Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.
    This Facebook page is intended to communicate information about the ATCV and events we hold, both to our members and to others who may be interested
  • Victorian Canine Association
    The Controlling body for canine affairs in Victoria. Find breed standard, judges,code of ethics etc on this peak body site
  • Australian National Kennel Council
    The National controlling body for Canine affairs in Australia
  • Airedale Enthusiasts, Queensland
    Queensland's affilliated Airedale Club.
  • Airedale Terrier Association of New South Wales
    One of the three ANKC afilliated Airedale Clubs in Australia. Great for people in New South Wales wherever their puppy comes from.
  • National Airedale Terrier Association
    One of the major Airedale Associations in the world.Located in the UK
  • West of England and South Wales Airedale Club
    UK Airedale Club site
  • South of England Airedale Club
    UK Airedale Club
  • Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club
    The oldest Airedale Terrier Club in the UK
  • Airedale Club of Canada
    We like this site.
  • Airedale Terrier Club of America
    An extensive site with much information about Airedale Terriers in USA
  • Keith and Trish Lovell's Tjuringa Airedales
    ATCV breeder member.
  • Colin and Lyn Duff's Airewood Airedales.
    ATCV breeder member.
  • Glenys Cochrane's Airebury Airedales
    Breeder members web site
  • Suzanne Tennant's Yeloman Airedales
    ATCV Breeder Member
  • Anne & Ron Sorraghan's Old Iron Airedales
    ATCV Member and breeder
  • Sue & Lindsay Henderson's Kingaire Airedale Terriers
    ATCV Life Member and Breeder
  • Airedale Grooming.
    Links to information,books and videos etc.
  • Joval Airedales
    American Airedaler with great links
  • Stargus Kennels UK
    Leading UK kennel judged for our club. This site has good information on how to groom an airedale Terrier
  • Jaideld Airedales UK
    Leading UK Airedale breeder in the UK.
  • Dogz Online - Australian Dog Community
    Australia's online pure breed dog community.
  • Guest House on Greek Island
    Members Ann and Alan will rent you this great Island Holiday home very reasonably. Enjoy! Three members have used it and highly recommend.
  • Rangeaire Vision
    Videos/DVD's on grooming, showing, breeding demonstrated with Airedales.
  • Jane Dogs Airedale pages
    A developing site aiming to comprehensively cover Airedales and Airedale History in Australia.
  • History of The Airedale in Australia (under ongoing contruction)
    Jane and Bob Harvey have amassed a vast library of Airedale History
  • German Airedale blog of interest
    German contributer to our Airedale Magazine. Articles of interest to us all.
  • Same German site but International section
    In English so very readable about Airedales world wide.
  • Emma's Journey
    Lovely story from members supporting Airedale Rescue. Great links!
  • Airedale Terrier Information and referral resource.
    Simply lots of information and links..not all accurate up to date but interesting.
  • Manningham City Pets
    For Dog owners in Manningham City
  • Airedale owner in Victoria who is accomplished artist
    Owners of yorkpark with interests in our club.