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Airedale terrier criaderos argentina

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Gargoyle kennels. Breeding Chadde Jolicoeur's gargoyle bloodline olde english bulldogges. The original bulldog from victorian times. They are athletic, healthy, and sweetnatured. Stop by my site. My dogs speak for them selves. Many photos. My bloodline is seperate from the Leavitt and Hermes bloodlines.

We have been breeding Excellence in the Old Family Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier since 1996. We take GREAT pride in our dogs! We breed for agility, conformation, drive, strength, and most of all temperament. Our dogs are UKC, ADBA, and/or OFRN reg.

Professional & reliable cat sitters based in N1, Islington and trusted by vets since our start in 2002. We offer outstanding cat care and most or our kitten sitters have experience with injections and administering medication and though our core areas include Islington, N1, Hackney, E8, Stoke Newington, N16, Highbury, N5 and Highgate, N8 our cat carers also offer cat sitting in many other parts of north, central and south London. We are fully insured and CRB checked and offer both Cat Visiting and House Sitting so please just contact us for a quote.

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American Bulldogs bred by John D. Johnson Kennels LLC. The original real American Bulldog. Powerful, loyal, massive guard dogs. Extremely protective. Very athletic. John D. Johnson, considered by many to be the primary founder of the American Bulldog, with over 100 years of breeding American Bulldogs in his family history. If you are looking for the Ultimate in large American Bulldogs, this is it, contact John D. Johnson.