The 6 Best Types of Toys for a Yorkshire Terrier

If you view dog toys as tools, you’ll find that having the right ones can make a significant impact on your dog’s well-being. You don’t need a lot of toys either. In fact, having too many can lead to the good ones being overlooked.

Here, we’ll discuss the six types of toys every Yorkie puppy and dog should have, how these benefit your dog, and our recommendations for the best options.

  1. Teething Toys for Puppies
    • Timing: Yorkies begin teething around 3-4 months and it usually ends by 7-9 months.
    • Features: Proper size and flexible consistency are crucial, as well as a satisfying texture, such as nubs or ropes.
    • Usage: Wetting and freezing rope toys can offer relief to swollen gums. Direct your pup’s attention to these toys to avoid unwanted chewing.
  2. Chew Toys for All Ages
    • Durability: Look for small-sized but sturdy toys as Yorkies have sharp teeth.
    • Engagement: Toys that offer scents or tastes help keep your Yorkie’s interest.
    • Usage: Rotate toys and use positive reinforcement to encourage chewing on toys instead of household items.
  3. Treat-Dispensing Toys
    • Purpose: These toys offer a midday meal and keep your dog busy, easing separation anxiety.
    • Adjustable: Look for toys that can adjust the difficulty of obtaining treats to challenge your Yorkie.
    • Usage: Mix kibble with peanut butter for a longer-lasting treat experience.
  4. Stay-Busy Toys
    • Benefits: These toys entertain your Yorkie when you’re busy or they’re home alone.
    • Features: Sounds and textures can keep your Yorkie engaged and focused.
  5. Interactive Toys for Playtime
    • Bonding: Playtime with fetch or other games strengthens the bond between you and your Yorkie.
    • Options: Choose toys that suit your dog’s size, such as small tennis balls or plush toys for sniffing out hidden treats.
  6. Companion Toys for Home Alone
    • Comfort: Companion toys that mimic a heartbeat and warmth can soothe dogs with separation anxiety.
    • Interactive Webcams: While not a toy for your dog, these allow you to watch and interact with your Yorkie remotely.

By incorporating these types of toys into your Yorkie’s life, you can provide both physical and mental stimulation, ultimately leading to a happier and healthier dog.

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